About Professor Phyllis Butow

Finding evidence to support best practice in the care of people with illness.

Over the past 20 years Professor Butow has established herself at the forefront of psych-oncology research, she has a distinguished reputation as one of the leading international experts on the topic of doctor patient communication.

Professor Butow has a Chair in Psychology, and is a Director of the Medical Psychology Research Unit, and the Surgical Outcomes Research Centre, University of Sydney. She is currently an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow. Over the past 20 years, Professor Butow has developed an international reputation in Psycho-Oncology.  She has published 120 articles in refereed journals. Her work is strongly featured in Psychosocial Clinical Practice Guidelines (both for generic and breast cancer) produced by NBCC and endorsed by the NHMRC. Professor Butow is particularly recognised for her expertise in evaluating strategies (such as question prompt sheets and decision aids) to improve doctor-patient communication.

Selected publications

  • Koh T, Butow PN, Coory M, et al. Provision of taped conversations with neonatologists to mothers of babies in intensive care: randomised controlled trial. British Medical Journal 2007;334(7583):28-31. PubMedId: 17142256
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