About Dr Graham Brooker

First and foremost I am a radar engineer. My primary research interests are millimetre wave imaging systems based on FMCW technology. In this genre, my current focus is the development of a bistatic radar pair operating at 77GHz that will be able to generate 3D bistatic images. However, I am interested in all aspects of radar and other remote sensing including harmonic transponders for tracking insects, electronic warfare, radar acoustic interaction and microdoppler signature analysis. My secondary interest is in biomedical engineering, with a focus on rehabilitation and diagnostic systems. The current focus of this research is on the development of low-cost devices to facilitate at-home use, or application in the 3rd world using the now ubiquitous mobile phone networks. Projects include hand movement and rehabilitation and respiratory functions among many.

I am a radar engineer with 20 year's experience in industry and a further decade as an academic. I have published two books (one on sensing and one on biomechatronics), half a dozen book chapters and a number of papers in prestigious journals, along with more than seventy conference papers. I have successfully supervised two PhD and four ME degrees to completion, and expect two more of my PhDs to complete in March.

I am involved in two ARC linkage projects, one related to the sensing aspects of vehicle safety and the other to harmonic and optical tracking of plague locusts from a UAV. I have received a number of other grants including ECR, SEDQUI and TIES.

Selected publications

Brooker, G., Birch, D. & Solms J. "W-Band Interrupted FMCW Imaging Radar," IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems. vol. 41, no. 3, July 2005, pp955-972. (8 citations. Development of a complete airborne millimetre wave radar including a unique processing method that allowed long-range operation using a low-power transmitter)

Brooker, G., "Long-range Imaging Radar for Autonomous Navigation." Ph.D Thesis, University of Sydney, 2005. (12 citations. Documents the development of an airborne imaging radar system with its signal processing and navigation software that provides pinpoint navigation accuracy to airfields and other distributed targets)

*Brooker, G., Birch, D., Hennessy, R., Bishop, M., Lobsey, C. & Durrant-Whyte H. "High Resolution Millimetre-Wave Radar Systems for Visualisation of Unstructured Outdoor Environments," Journal for Field Robotics. Vol. 23, issue 10. October 2006, pp891-912. (2 citations. Overview of 10 years of millimetre wave imaging radar developments for operation in harsh outdoor environments)

Brooker, G. "Mutual Interference of Millimeter Wave Radar Systems," IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility. Vol. 49, issue 1, February 2007, pp170-181. (3 citations. Interesting analysis of the forms of mutual interference that can occur between various types of millimetre wave radars - backed up by measured results)

Graham Brooker, "A Robust mmWave Radar Sensor for Underground Applications", The 7th Int. Conf. on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV 2002), on CD, Singapore, 3-6 December 2002. (3 citations. Explains the challenges with developing robust radar hardware for harsh environments - particularly useful to the mining industry)

Brooker, G. "Conical Scan Antennas for W-Band Radar Applications," Radar 2003, Australian International Conference on Radar, pp406-411, Adelaide, South Australia, 3-5 September 2003. (3 citations. Teaching paper on myriad ways of making millimetre wave tracking antennas)

*Brooker, G. "Understanding Millimetre Wave FMCW Radars," International Conference on Sensing Technology, ICST 2005, pp152-157, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 21-23 November, 2005. (18 citations. Teaching paper on developing good FMCW radars - particularly useful for radar engineers just starting out)

Brooker, G., Lobsey, C. & McHugh, C. "Development and Application of a Portable Millimetre Wave Cavity Monitoring System," CRC Mining Conference, pp365-384, Hunter Valley, Australia, 26-27 September, 2006. (Focussed paper describing issues with miniaturising a 3D radar to become an effective tool for underground imaging)

Brooker, G. & Martinez, J. "Low-Cost Monostatic Radio-Acoustic Sounding System for Indoor Temperature Profiling," IEEE Radar Conference, RadarCon 2008. pp., Rome, Italy. 26-30 May, 2008. (An unusual implementation of a radio-acoustic sounding system based on a annular array of ultrasound transducers)

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