Laureate Fellows

The Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme supports excellence in research by attracting world-class researchers and research leaders to key positions, and creating new rewards and incentives for the application of their talents in Australia. They are open to applications from outstanding researchers of international repute.

Our current Laureate Fellows:

  • Professor Warwick Anderson (History)
    Project: Southern racial conceptions: comparative histories and contemporary legacies
  • Professor Bernard Balleine (Brain & Mind Research Institute )
    Project: The neural bases of decision-making
  • Professor Ben Eggleton (Physics)
    Project: Nonlinear optical phononics: Harnessing sound and light in nonlinear nanoscale circuits
  • Professor Bryan Gaensler (Physics)
    Project: A Survey of the Universe's Magnetism
  • Professor Peter Goodyear (Education and Social Work)
    Project: Learning, technology and design: the architecture of productive learning environments
  • Professor Dietmar Müller (Geosciences)
    Project: The Virtual Geological Observatory: a 4D view into the Earth through deep-time data-mining
  • Dr Vicki Grieves (Gender and Cultural Studies)
    Project: More than Family History: Race, Gender and the Aboriginal Family in Australian History
  • Professor Nalini Joshi (Applied Mathematics)
    Project: Geometric construction of critical solutions of nonlinear systems
  • Professor Pippa Norris (Government and International Relations)
    Project: Making democratic governance work
  • Professor Rick Shine (Evolutionary Biology)
    Project: Using biological invasions to understand evolutionary processes
  • Professor Glenda Sluga (History)
    Project: Inventing the International
  • Professor Steve Simpson (Biological Sciences)
    Project: Nutritional Dynamics: from Genes to Individuals to Ecosystems

Previous Laureate Fellows:

  • Dr Mark Allon (Languages and Cultures)
    Project: The edition translation and study of newly discovered Buddhist manuscripts from ancient Gandhara
  • Associate Professor Anthony Henderson (Mathematics and Statistics)
    Project: Canonical bases for standard modules of affine Hecke algebras
  • Dr Juanita Ruys (Medieval Studies)
    Project: Literary self-awareness and parental love: challenging alterity in contemporary medieval studies
  • Professor André van Schaik (Electrical Engineering)
    Project: Dynamic signal processing with currents
  • Associate Professor Cheng Yan (Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering)
    Project: Thermal-mechanical analysis of soldered assemblies in photonic packages
  • Dr Joseph Gumbula (Koori Centre)
    Projects: Elder assessments of early material culture collections from Arnhem Land and contemporary access needs to them among their source communities; To wake them up again: Digital futures for the international diaspora of early ethnographic collections from Arnhem Land
  • Associate Professor Irene Watson (Law)
    Project: Aboriginal Women Sydney Law School and Colonialism:Safe Places for Women
  • Dr Hera Cook (History)
    Project: Emotional Behaviour in England, 1930-1980
  • Dr Melissa Butcher (Confuscius Institute)
    Project: Transnational corporate relationships

Federation Fellows

ARC Federation Fellowships scheme ceased in 2008. It was part of a $3 billion Federal government plan to establish Australia as a world-class research destination.

Our current Federation Fellows are: