Postdoctoral research fellows

The University of Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowships were established in 1996 to support excellence in full-time research undertaken in any Department or School at the University.

The Fellowships are extremely prestigious and highly competitive internationally in line with equivalent externally funded fellowships.

Current postdoctoral research fellows


Dr Rosalyn Gloag (Biological Sciences)
Project: Asexual reproduction and social parasitism in honey bee invaders

Dr Catherine Ingram (Conservatorium of Music)
Project: The music-making of cultural minorities in Australia and China: aesthetics, agency and social engagement

Dr Chris Wright (Work & Organisational Studies)
Project: The business and labour market impact of skilled immigration in Australia

Dr Lev Bishop (Physics)
Project: Coupling schemes for many-qubit devices

Dr Dongyang Chen (School of Aerospace, Mechanical & Mechatronic)
Project: Nanostructured metal-cation containing anion exchange membranes for fuel cells

Dr Marco Tomamichel (Physics)
Project: Practical Quantum Cryptography

Dr Cristian Leyton (Speech Pathology)
Project: Differentiation and treatment for nonfluent variants of Primary Progressive Aphasia

Dr Xianghai An (School of Aerospace, Mechanical & Mechatronic)
Project: Quantitatively unravelling the physical origins of twinning-induced plasticity: insight from in-situ nanoscale deformation

Dr Haitao Li (Chemical Engineering)
Project: Near-Infrared Light Controlled Carbon-based Photocatalysts Design and their application in Environment and Organic Synthesis Industry

Daniel Huber (Faculty of Science)
Project: Characterizing Exoplanet Systems using NASA's Kepler Mission

Dr Anis Khan (Sydney Medical School)
Project: Hepatitis B Virus Genomic Variations and Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Dr Saskia Beudel (Sydney College of the Arts)
Project: City of Water: New Nature Writing and Urban Aesthetics

Dr Mohammad Choucair (Science)
Project: Exploiting the Kubas Interaction in the Synthesis of Advanced Carbon Nanostructures for Hydrogen Storage

Dr Adam Cook (Medicine)
Project: Mapping physiological and oncogenic functions of the mutator protein AID

Dr Damian Evans (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)
Project: Risk and Resilience in the 'Hydraulic Cities' of Monsoon Asia

Dr John Gillam (Health Sciences)
Project: Image Reconstruction for Awake Animal PET

Dr Ali Hakkaki-Fard (Engineering and Information Technologies)
Project: Optimization of water immersion cooling of PV cells

Dr Nicola Harrington (Arts and Social Sciences)
Project: Children and childhood in the ancient world: a cross-cultural analysis

Dr Wendy Imlach (Medicine)
Project: Novel GPCR mechanisms to treat neural hyper-excitation in chronic pain.

Dr Alberto Peruzzo (Science)
Project: Photonic quantum simulators for quantum chemical engineering

Dr Harmen Reyngoudt (Health Sciences)
Project: Quantitative multinuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for biologically guided brain cancer radiotherapy

Dr Thinethavone Soutphommasane (Arts and Social Sciences)
Project: A practice in search of theory: the intellectual labour of social democracy

Dr Alan Stapledon (Science)
Project: Connections between geometry, combinatorics and representation theory


Dr Simone Bignall (Arts and Social Sciences)
Project: Building political community: the affective sources of conflict and cohesion

Dr Brendon Brewer (Science)
Project: Answering the Hard Questions: Massive Bayesian Inference in Astrophysics

Dr Alain Chong (Business)
Project:Determinants of Open E-Business Standards development and adoption in humanitarian supply chain management: A Multi-analytical approach

Dr Julie Leask (Medicine)
Project: Improving communication about immunisation through social sciences research

Dr Alexandra Martiniuk (Medicine)
Project: Decision-making for improved health services in disadvantaged contexts: focusing on neurological/mental health

Dr Seyed Javad Mousavi (Health Sciences)
Project: Motor Control and Low Back Pain

Dr Hoa Nguyen (Education & Social Work)
Project: Understanding Pre-service teachers’ learning to teach during the professional experience in Australia: A sociocultural perspective

Mr Neil Portman (Veterinary Science)
Project: Analysis of the intracytoplasmic flagellar assembly to understand parasitism

Dr Aaron Rosen (Arts and Social Sciences)
Project: The Hospitality of Images: Modern Art and Interfaith Dialogue

Dr Peter Roth (Science)
Project: Novel smart materials: Development of positively thermo-responsive polymers for biomedical applications

Dr Miriama Young (Sydney Conservatorium of Music)
Project: Singing the Body Electric: The Human Voice and Technology


Shawn Wilder (School of Biological Sciences)
Project: Carnivory: An Understudied but Fundamental Link in Nutritional Ecology

Emily Crawford (International Law)
Project: Identifying the ‘enemy’ under international law: New Wars, New Warriors

Nicolas Menicucci (School of Physics)
Project: Quantum Computation and Relativistic Quantum Information (QCRQI)

Barend Marais (Paediatrics & Child Health)
Project: Causes of fever in children hospitalized within 3 weeks after returning from international travel

Chuncheng Yang (School of Aerospace Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering)
Project: Development of high-efficiency thermoelectric materials by nanostructuring bulk silicon for power regeneration applications

Krzysztof Bolejko (School of Physics)
Project: Spectral methods in cosmology: structure formation, interactions, light propagation, and cosmological observations

Sander Maarten Begeer (School of Psychology)
Project: Empathic development in autism: Assessment and intervention


Christina Alt (School of Letters, Art, and Media)
Project: Early Ecology and literary modernism

Victor Dan Boantza (History and Philosophy of Science)
Project: From Scientific Revolutions to crises in science: Reappraising the rise of modern chemistry

Matthew Brandley (Biological Sciences)
Project: Gene expression and the evolution of viviparity and the placenta in reptiles

Rachael Briggs (School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry)
Project: Group deliberation: balancing consensus and truth

Deanna D'Alessandro (School of Chemistry)
Project: Redox- and Photo- Active Metal-Organic Frameworks: Physical properties and application in gas separations

Baoping Li (Archaeology)
Project: Chinese ceramics throughout Angkor: Date, origin and implications for the operation and demise of Angkor

Bibhash Nath (Geosciences)
Project: Trace metal behaviour in the wetland soils and sediments- physical versus biochemical processes

Fleur Ponton (Biological Sciences)
Project: Nutritional immunology: a new frontier in biology

Suraj Chandra Sharma (Chemistry)
Project: Phase behavior and formation of highly concentrated emulsions in eco-friendly surfactant system

Hua Wei (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
Project: Engineering of novel ferrocene-based cross-linked hybrid intelligent micelles with anti-tumor efficacy for drug delivery


Rahena Akhter (Faculty of Dentistry)
Project: Jaw Muscle Pain and Jaw Motor Function

Hisatomi Arima (The George Institute for International Health)
Project: Assessing broader beneficial effects of blood pressure (BP) lowering on dementia outcomes and in obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

Fabienne Brilot-Turville (Paediatrics & Child Health: Children's Hospital)
Project: Pathogenic autoantibodies to native myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein in paediatric central nervous system inflammatory demyelination

Adrian Hearn (Sociology and Social Policy)
Project: Refashioning the Pacific Rim: China's Cooperative Programs with Latin America

Luke Hunter (Chemistry)
Project: Selective fluorination chemistry: a conformational tool to enhance the synthesis and properties of biologically active cyclic peptides

Hyun Jin Kim (School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry)
Project: Foreigners and Otherness in Ancient Cosmopolitan Empires; A comparative study of Rome and Han China

Xin Liu (School of Mathematics & Statistics)
Project: Topological Problems in Quantum Field Theory

Kristie Miller (Philosophy)
Project: Fundamental ways the world could be: challenging metaphysical orthodoxy

Giang Nguyen (Civil Engineering)
Project: A non-local approach to the modelling of rock fracture

Blanca Tovias de Plaisted
Project: Native Women and Frontier Colonialisms: First nations of the Northern Plains of North America, 1730-1930

Shujun Wang (Agriculture)
Project: Structural and functional analyses of C-type starch granules and interactions bewteen amylopectin and suitable ligand molecules and application for retention of aroma compounds


James East (School of Mathematics and Statistics)
Project: Coxeter Groups, inverse semigroups, and presentations

Nicolas Fossat
Project: Formation of the definitive endoderm and implication in head development

Florian Girelli (Physics)
Project: Quantum reference frames in quantum gravity and quantum information theory

Michael Jakuba (Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering)
Project: Efficient multiple plume source search

Angelina Lay (Centenary Institute)
Project: Role of sphingosine kinase-1 in the function of endthelial progenitor cells in diabetes

Gregory Madsen (School of Physics)
Project: Interstellar Ionised gas and the evolution of galaxies