Research Bites

Hear about what Sydney researchers do, meet them and make new connections..

Research Bites:

  • runs more or less monthly (with the exception of January, July and December)
  • lasts for about an hour
  • is open to all Sydney researchers
  • gives each speaker 5 minutes – you can talk about the research you do or anything related to your research or research career
  • will sometimes be held at lunchtime, others in the late afternoon to accommodate off-campus people
  • open to all

Next session: Publishing in Science and Nature - how they did it

This will be a special session of talks from researchers who have published in Science and Nature. They’ll be explaining their research and the sometimes surprising ways they achieved publication.

We have six speakers, including:

When and where

27 November, from 1:00pm to 2:00pm in The Law Foyer.

Want to present?

In preparation for the 15 minutes of fame Andy Warhol promised you, why not give a 5 minute talk as a practice run? Or come along and hear others before you do your talk. Anyone can come along to hear the talks but you are guaranteed a highly interested audience - they will only be there because they are keen to hear about your research. You never know, you may find a new collaborator.

For more information and to register to become a speaker in one of our 5 minutes of (limited) fame Research Bites - researcher talks Register here

Once you have registered, we will be in touch to confirm your spot and provide the other information you will need. If you have any general questions about the Research Bites series beyond speaking, please contact

About the Research Bites series

As a result of your overwhelmingly positive feedback in 2013 when we asked you about your appetite for such an opportunity, the Research Development and Collaboration group in the Research Portfolio is excited to announce that we are running a series of forums throughout the year – loosely based on the TED talks idea – to be known as Research Bites.

The purpose of Research Bites - researcher talks is to provide an opportunity for Sydney researchers from across our wide range of research disciplines to meet each other and learn about what is being done. The sessions are designed to help foster the beginnings of new, interesting and useful research relationships. But whether they seed new collaborations or not they will certainly be a chance to hear about what lots of other interesting people are up to.

Watch previous Bites sessions