Sydney SpaceNet

Sydney SpaceNet is a collaborative project intended to link, extend and leverage the University's existing multi-disciplinary capabilities into a premier Australian university space research program. We intend to gain an important role in national and international space efforts.

Our space research addresses the science, engineering, technology, and commercial services related to space, including particularly those measured from or provided by space assets such as satellites.

By combining people and research from across our faculties, departments, centres and institutes, we will stimulate new research and strengthen existing research.

SpaceNet is a founding member of delta-V towards developing Space Industry 2.0 for Australia.

Space Internships & Projects Program

We can pair up University of Sydney students and staff whose work involved space and satellite data with organisations who want to collaborate on space-related research and can offer internships and other work.

Recent News

  • INSPIRE-2 ready for launch to International Space Station

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    INSPIRE-2 has been integrated into Nanoracks Pods and is ready for a scheduled March 16 2017 launch aboard an Atlas V rocket to the International Space Station.

  • Australia's QB50 CubeSats on ABC Catalyst

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    Australia's QB50 satellites have been featured on ABC Catalyst. Visit the INSPIRE-2 website to watch the program and learn more about our QB50 satellite.

  • Pluto: the pugnacious planet

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    Professor Bagenal, Co-investigator and Leader of the Plasma Teams for NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto, gave a talk for SpaceNet about the New Horizons mission and how its findings are challenging our understanding of ice worlds in the outer solar system. Listen to the audio recording here.