Sydney support for China Studies

The China Studies Centre’s (CSC) funded research programs support research on China and Chinese culture for CSC academic members within the University of Sydney. Applications for the next round open on 1 August 2011.

Statue in China

Currently, around 130 of the University’s academic staff are engaged in the study of China and Chinese culture and more than 130 are involved in cross-disciplinary research involving China.

The China Studies Centre was established to provide coordination and direction to this work across the University.
The Centre also provides financial assistance for such research, including funding for cross-disciplinary research projects, major research projects, research development and visiting professorship support.

In 2011 the CSC awarded over $165 000 through its funded research programs.

Through the Major Research Project program, individual applicants can receive up to $50 000 to support their research.

Projects currently underway in this category, include the work of Dr Duanfang Lu, who is examining the complexities and tensions surrounding land and development in China, with a focus on the ‘new land enclosure movement’ and resettlement program in rural areas; and Dr Linda Tsung, who is exploring China’s multi-lingual national language policy, its effect on ethnic minorities and the tensions in translating the policy to classroom linguistic practice.

Likewise, applicants through the Cross-Disciplinary Research Project program can also be awarded up to $50 000.

Projects currently underway in this category, include Dr Baoping Li's work on the use of trade ceramics that will help understand China’s pattern of trade and diplomacy with its neighbours; and Dr Peter Jia, who is exploring a collaborative relationship between archaeology and pharmacology with the aim of establishing a programme to investigate the ancient use of Chinese medicinal plants and the practice of modern Chinese medicine.

The China Studies Centre also provides teaching relief funding to departments, faculties and schools so a CSC academic member of staff can undertake a period of intense research. Research development funding allows a researcher to be relieved of half of their workload for up to a year.

In 2011 Dr James Reilly and Dr Justin Hastings from the Department of Government and International Relations were awarded research development funding.

The China Studies Centre will be accepting applications for the 2012 Funded Research Programs from Monday 1 August until Friday 7 October 2011, 5pm, COB.

Please visit the China Studies Centre website for submission details and further information.