Academic and Higher Degree Researcher Profiles

Academic Profiles include information about individual academics, their grants, publications and other measures of achievement.

Data for our Academic Profiles are sourced from IRMA and HR systems and content entered via the Researcher Profiles Manager (RPM) application. This RPM content may be managed by Academics or by a Faculty representative.

Data from the Academic Profiles is used by the University website's search engine. Where the information is available, staff search results will display the first few lines of an academic staff member's biographical information, photo and profile link, amalgamated with their contact details, in a single "featured result" in the search results page and appended to the University website's search engine.

To benefit from this feature, please check that the following are up to date:

If you have checked the above and your information is not displaying correctly or not appearing in the search results, please log a job with ICT.

More information about staff search improvements can be found on the staff intranet page Academic profiles: improving our staff search results.

Academic profiles implementation

The implementation of Academic Profiles across the University is in progress. Sydney Business School is the final focus for implementation of Academic Profiles.

A photo shoot for Academic Profiles Online is being planned for 2016, you will be contacted with the details in the event you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

Higher Degree Researcher profiles are expected to be launched in early 2016.