Academic and higher degree researcher profile: how to update your information

The information included in your profile is drawn from multiple sources:

  • Information entered via Researcher Profile Manager - the administration part of Academic Profiles
  • Data drawn from IRMA - includes grants, publications
  • University HR Records

Personal information

Your Salutation, Full Name (preferred first name) and Address are drawn from your HR appointment data. Please contact the HR Service Centre for any changes to this information.

Excluding your publications or grants

Publications and grants are drawn from IRMA.

If you wish to exclude any publication or grant from your academic profile, you can do so by logging in to IRMA, finding the particular publication or grant and selecting 'Exclude from web profile', as shown below.

Once selected, click on any other tab within publication/grant to save the change.

Please note: Excluding will only remove the publication/grant from your profile, but it will show on other listed University authors/investigators unless they also follow the process to exclude.

How to exclude your publications

Other information

For other information - stored in Reseacher Profile Manager - contact your Faculty representative.

The diagram below illustrates where each piece of information is stored and who to contact in order to have it updated.

How Academic Profiles works