Research data management planning

What is research data management planning?

Research data management planning is a process that allows researchers to plan and document how they will collect, store, secure and share their research data. Good research data management practices reduce the risk of data loss, allow data sharing and can increase researcher profile through data citation.

The research data management plan lets you access digital data storage on the University managed Research Data Store service and document the data management, storage and access requirements of your research project.

Why create a research data management plan?

Research data management planning is an important part of the responsible conduct of research. Time spent creating a plan for your data at the start of a project:

  • Enables access to the University’s Research Data Store service – Use this form to access University managed digital data storage space for your current research.
  • Results in a more competitive funding application – planning for your research data when developing proposals meets funder requirements and justifies funding requests for budget to support research data management.
  • Enables data sharing at the end of the project – data that are well organized and documented can be interpreted and used by other researchers in future research projects, increasing the impact of your original research.
  • Helps the University plan to improve research infrastructure and services – the data provided in plans will be used to develop services and infrastructure to support research.

The University of Sydney encourages all researchers (including higher degree students) to undertake research data management planning at the start of each research project.

Email your completed plan to to access digital data storage space on the University’s Research Data Store.