Research data management plans

Creating a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) helps meet funder requirements and University policy, as well as getting you to actively think about research data management and how it applies to your project. An RDMP will prompt you to consider what research data you will produce, how much data you will generate, where your data should be stored, whether there will be any ethical or privacy issues with your data, how long you will have to keep your data, and what you will do with your data after the project. Completing an RDMP can help to avoid later questions about ownership and authorship, and save you time when it comes to publishing your data. Submitting an RDMP using the online tool will also give you access to the Research Data Store and Artemis High-Performance Computing.

Use the online RDMP tool to submit a Research Data Management Plan.

Contact the for enquiries or assistance in completing an RDMP.