Research data management toolkit

Training resources

Managing and sharing data 101: a workshop for Faculty Liaison Librarians (.pptx, 4.38 MB)

Audience: Faculty Liaison Librarians

Length: 2 hour workshop

Learning objectives:
1. development of basic research data management literacy
2. ability to refer research data management inquiries to relevant institutional support staff and agencies
3. ability to refer researchers to the Research Data Management Guidelines website and Research Data Management Planning Checklist.

Participants were asked to research the question “What is research data?” and explore what research data looks like for researchers in their client groups prior to attending the workshop. During the session there were a range of activities to be done both as a group, and individually.

Managing and sharing data 101: a presentation for Early Career Researchers (.pptx, 3.51 MB)

Audience: ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) and NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (ECF) recipients.

Length: 1 hour presentation

Session overview:

  • What is research data management and sharing?
  • Carrot and the stick –what are the benefits and obligations?
  • Data management planning – what, why and how?
  • Tools and resources available at the University of Sydney


This toolkit contains resources to assist researchers, librarians, ICT project staff and other support staff to plan and manage data collections.

Research data management planning checklist (interactive .pdf, 760kb)
Use this planning checklist to document data management planning processes, and find out about data management services, tools and resources.

Data interview template (.docx, 134kb)
Use this template to guide data interviews with researchers about existing and/or legacy data collections. The template is designed to elicit sufficient information to create descriptive metadata records that meet ANDS standards for contributions to Research Data Australia.

Data asset inventory template (.xlsx, 12.6kb)

Use this template to record and manage multiple datasets from multiple data sources during data management planning. To be used in conjunction with the Research Data Management Planning Checklist.

Version control template (.docx, 47kb)
Use this template to track and manage changes to documents in collaborative research environments.

Metadata and standards documents

The toolkit also contains resources created through the ANDS Seeding the Commons project. The resources below may assist Library, ICT project staff and other research support staff undertaking research data management activities.

Collection description standards (.pdf, 689kb)
This document contains procedures and guidelines for creating Registry Interchange Format – Collections and Services (RIF-CS) compliant metadata records to be published to Research Data Australia (RDA). The collection description standards document is intended for staff from the Library, Research Portfolio and ICT who may be involved with collection description as it relates to research data management support services and data capture projects.

Metadata standards (.pdf, 543kb)
This document provides information about metadata and vocabularies identified by the University of Sydney Seeding the Commons project (StC). The document also provides a descriptive model for capturing and representing metadata documentation information. The document is intended to inform those involved in metadata management, research data management support services and research data management projects.