How to apply for animal ethics approval

1. Research alternatives

2. Prepare

3. Complete an application with supporting documents in IRMA

  • Complete the application form in IRMA. You may wish to view the step-by-step guides or interactive audio guides.
  • Include the supporting documents by clicking on the 'Documents' tab and uploading the relevant attachments.

4. Get your application pre-reviewed (optional)

  • A review service is offered to everyone but especially to assist new researchers and those with complex applications.
  • Your application will be reviewed to ensure questions are answered appropriately and all supporting documents are complete and correct.
  • Although prior review may facilitate first-time approval, it does not guarantee it.
  • It is not compulsory to forward your draft application if you do not need this review service.
  • If you wish to have your application reviewed, check the deadline dates for draft review.
  • In order to forward an application for pre-review:
    - Complete the application form in IRMA and 'save' but do not submit
    - Select the 'print' option, which will create a word version that can be saved to your computer
    - Attach the word document and email it directly to the
    - The Animal Welfare Veterinarian will review the form and provide feedback directly to you
    - Make any necessary changes in IRMA and submit the application

5. Submit your application

  • How and when to submit your application.
  • Once you have completed the application and uploaded any supporting documents, move back to the Coversheet tab and press 'Submit'. Your application has not been lodged until this step has been completed.
  • External Investigators are also required to provide approval. This can be done by completing the External Researcher Approval Form and uploading the form via the Documents tab of you protocol application prior to submission.

6. Approval (electronic declaration)

  • Once you have submitted your application you will receive an acknowledgement email.
  • Emails will be sent to the signatories on the protocol, including:
    - the chief investigator
    - the head of department or school
    - the animal house supervisor
    - all co-investigators
  • Applications will only be assigned for review once the chief investigator, head of department/school and animal house supervisor (if required) have provided their declaration.
  • You need to allow for sufficient time to obtain all declarations before the submission deadline.

7. What happens next

  • Once declaration has been received by the chief investigator, head of department/school and LAS facility supervisor (if required), your application will be forwarded to the Ethics Office for review prior to consideration by the AEC.
  • Once forwarded to the AEC for consideration, a nominated spokesperson (committee member) may contact the chief investigator directly to seek additional information/clarifications.
  • The application is discussed at the AEC meeting.
  • Decisions of the AEC will be communicated within 10 working days.
  • AEC decisions will only be communicated once all co-investigators have provided their declaration inIRMA; or for external investigators an External Researcher Approval Form has been completed and uploaded in the documents tab of the application prior to submission.
  • Prior to the AEC meeting you may be asked for additional information or to make changes to your application by logging into IRMA.