How to complete the application form

General points

  • Applications should be written in plain English, suitable for an interested, educated person from the general community. Applications written in the language of the specialist (i.e. like a grant application) are problematic.
  • Applications should be submitted for projects rather than for each experiment or separate procedure.
  • Projects are normally approved for a maximum period of three years provided no significant modifications are made to the approved protocol.
  • State legislation requires that all projects be reviewed by the AEC on an annual basis. Researchers will be required to provide a brief, annual progress report for their projects.
  • A complete application for renewal of a project must be submitted at the end of three years if it is to be continued.
  • By law, researchers are required to have ethical permission to breed animals for use in research. Applications for breeding to the AEC use the same form as research applications. Animal numbers in breeding applications must be carefully justified relatively to existing approved research protocols or research protocol applications.

Tips for completing specific questions

Please click here for tips to improve the quality of your application.