Submission deadlines

The deadline for submitting forms to the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) is 5pm on the dates listed below. All forms are reviewed at AEC meetings, and a decision or request for further information is normally sent out within 10 working days.

In order for your application to be considered at an AEC meeting electronic sign off in IRMA must have been completed by:

  • The chief investigator
  • All internal investigators
  • The head of department or school
  • The animal house supervisor (if required)

Please ensure that you have submitted your application with sufficient time to allow for sign off to take place prior to the submission deadline.

How to get a new application pre-reviewed?

  • Complete the application form in IRMA and 'save' but do not submit
  • Select the 'print' option, which will create a word version that can be saved to your computer
  • Attach the word document and email it directly to the
  • The Animal Welfare Veterinarian will review the form and provide feedback directly to you
  • Make any necessary changes in IRMA and submit the application

Animal Ethics Committee Meeting Dates for 2015

Committee Pre-Review Deadline Submission Deadline Meeting Date
AEC 1 07-Jan-15 14-Jan-15 29-Jan-15
AEC 2 21-Jan-15 28-Jan-15 12-Feb-15
AEC 1 04-Feb-15 11-Feb-15 26-Feb-15
AEC 2 18-Feb-15 25-Feb-15 12-Mar-15
AEC 1 04-Mar-15 11-Mar-15 26-Mar-15
AEC 2 18-Mar-15 25-Mar-15 09-Apr-15
AEC 1 01-Apr-15 08-Apr-15 23-Apr-15
AEC 2 15-Apr-15 22-Apr-15 07-May-15
AEC 1 29-Apr-15 06-May-15 21-May-15
AEC 2 13-May-15 20-May-15 04-Jun-15
AEC 1 27-May-15 03-Jun-15 18-Jun-15
AEC 2 10-Jun-15 17-Jun-15 02-Jul-15
AEC 1 24-Jun-15 01-Jul-15 16-Jul-15
AEC 2 08-Jul-15 15-Jul-15 30-Jul-15
AEC 1 22-Jul-15 29-Jul-15 13-Aug-15
AEC 2 05-Aug-15 12-Aug-15 27-Aug-15
AEC 1 19-Aug-15 26-Aug-15 10-Sep-15
AEC 2 02-Sep-15 09-Sep-15 24-Sep-15
AEC 1 16-Sep-15 23-Sep-15 08-Oct-15
AEC 2 30-Sep-15 07-Oct-15 22-Oct-15
AEC 1 14-Oct-15 21-Oct-15 05-Nov-15
AEC 2 28-Oct-15 04-Nov-15 19-Nov-15
AEC 1 11-Nov-15 18-Nov-15 03-Dec-15
AEC 2 11-Nov-15 18-Nov-15 03-Dec-15