Non-University of Sydney ethics approval

These guidelines apply to the following situations:

Animal research projects where the individuals participating in the project are employed by, or in a formal relationship with, different accredited research establishments. Formal relationships include those of students in the University at which they are enrolled and those of medical specialists employed by the hospital associated with the University at which they hold their academic appointments.

Animal research projects where the animals are housed in the facilities and cared for by animal care or research staff of more than one accredited research establishment, either simultaneously or at different times during the project.

Animal research projects carried out by a formally constituted collaborative research group, from different organisations/institutions, such as a cooperative research centre.

Animal research projects carried out under informal collaborative arrangements at more than one institution.

Collaborative research using animals

Before any animal research commences, the collaborative research group should approach each relevant Accredited Research Establishment (ARE) and should participate in a formal written agreement that collaborative research group research will be supervised by the relevant Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) and that collaborative research group researchers will agree to abide by the decisions of the ACEC. Each ARE should be notified of the other AREs which will also be involved in the project and which will also be subject to a similar written agreement.

For each individual project, a protocol should be submitted to each relevant ACEC.

By mutual agreement, the Chairpersons of the ACECs should assign one ACEC as the primary ACEC. Comments on the protocol from the secondary ACECs should be submitted to the primary ACEC and a representative of each secondary ACEC should attend the meeting of the primary ACEC at which the protocol will be considered, if there are concerns about the protocol.

The primary ACEC should delegate responsibility for monitoring, emergency procedures etc. to secondary ACECs where appropriate. This delegation should be recorded in writing.
Any subsequent decisions with respect to the project by any of the ACECs should be conveyed to the other ACECs as soon as possible, as should any problems with the project.

Animal work conducted on University of Sydney Premises

If you are transferring animals involved in your study into Animal Houses under the control of University of Sydney, ethical approval must be obtained from the University of Sydney Animal Ethics Committee. This should be done by logging into IRMA and completing and submitting an application form.

The University of Sydney Animal Ethics Committee does not ratify other Committee /s Animal Ethics approvals.

For further information please contact us.

Work conducted at other institutions

This information is applicable to University of Sydney students (PhD, Honours, Masters) and staff who undertake research-involving animals at other institutions.

The following procedures apply:

  • Login to IRMA and, in the researcher profile, select the animal ethics tab, then select the 'Create' button and select the form 'Notification of External AEC Approval'
  • Complete the relevant details
  • Attach copies of the following:
    - The letter of approval
    - A signed copy of the application exactly as it was submitted to the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee
    - All correspondence between the researcher and the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee
  • Upload the attachments in the Documents tab
  • Submit the completed form