Forms and templates

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Animal ethics application questionnaire   External investigator declaration form     

Review the questions of the animal ethics application and prepare your answers prior to completing your questionnaire in IRMA.


External investigators are also required to provide their declaration for a project they are named on. This can be done by completing the form below and uploading the form to the 'documents' tab of your application in IRMA prior to submission.

 External Investigators Declaration Form (PDF)


Information statement and consent form Monitoring form- template


Pet owners or owners of a site where research is being conducted (e.g. a farm) should be supplied with an information statement outlining the details regarding the research project.



Pet owners are also required to provide consent when enrolling their animal into a project through completing a consent form.This form can be modified to provide permission to perform a project on a specific site (e.g. a farm).

Use these forms when monitoring any animal that has been subjected to any sort of invasive procedure.

For more information about monitoring of animals click here.

A set of model record sheets for the monitoring of mice during the establishment of a new genetically modified strain:

For further information please click here.



Breeding form - template

Phenotype report

For breeding applications,please refer to the Breeding Production Records and LAS Mouse breeding principles.

The breeding calculator form has been removed temporarily due to an error on the form. Please calculate the number of animals required using your own format and submit the calculation with your application form.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


The main purpose of the phenotype report is to assist the AEC in the assessment of the impact of the genetic manipulation on the health and welfare of the affected animals. 


This form is based on the NHMRC Guidelines for the generation, breeding, care and use of genetically modified and cloned animals for scientific purposes (2007).