There are 2 types of modifications:

  IRMA form Purpose
1. Change in personnel or funding only For adding or removing staff on currently approved protocols or to change the funding details of your approved protocol only.
2. Modification to an existing approved application To request any other changes to your study, such as changes in procedure or study design. Note: you can also request personnel changes, changes in funding and changes in animal usage in this form. 

If you need to make minor changes to a specific approved project (e.g. to include a new drug, new species, different anaesthetic, different behavioural test, different housing) you need to submit a request for modification by completing a modification form in IRMA

Please refer to the step-by-step guide for modifications.

If major changes to the project are required that significantly deviate from the original hypothesis or there is a substantial increase in animal numbers, then a new protocol application should be completed and submitted in IRMA. If in doubt about whether a new application is required then please contact the Ethics office.

Examples of modifications

  • Adding or removing an investigator.
  • Minor change to the number of animals required.
  • Change in the dose rate or route of administration of a substance.
  • Minor changes to a currently approved technique.
  • Change to the strain or age of animals required.
  • Change in the type of anaesthetic drug to be administered.
  • Changes to housing, housing location or monitoring of experimental animals.

Urgent or unexpected modifications

  • This is a very rare situation and most often it is a one-off event
  • Examples include: change in anaesthesia during the project, or change of animal location (eg in emergencies)
  • Contact the Ethics Office in the first instance (ideally within 24 hours)
  • You may need to submit and adverse/unexpected event form
  • If the event changes the procedures, you will be required to submit a modification form.