Tips for improving the quality of your application

Tips for obtaining animal ethics approval in the minimum time frame

Use plain English
It is important that your application should be written in plain English in order to be understood by a lay person. This includes providing a glossary and/or definitions where possible. 
Justify research
You must adequately justify the use of animals in your research.  This is a critical component of your application, which will allow the AEC to understand the purpose of the research.
Seek alternatives Ensure that you research animal alternatives and address the question in detail. In your answer, include alternatives you have researched. 
Justify species choice
Make sure you justify your species choice and animal numbers. Include the experimental design and demonstrate the significance of the number of animals sought. You may wish to seek advice from a statistician.
Detail all procedures Make sure you provide adequate information, especially with regard to procedures to the enable the AEC to understand what is being proposed.
Detail monitoring procedures Ensure that you provide adequate information about how animals will be monitored and how potential adverse effects will be managed. 
Don't cut and paste
Cutting and pasting from other documents or applications can lead to errors.
8. Address requirements for all species
You must address the requirements for all species included in your work. Often information is only provided for one species and consequently the application will be delayed awaiting for further information.
Provide a monitoring sheet
You must provide a monitoring sheet. You are encouraged to design a monitoring sheet specific to your work. You can include more than one sheet to cover different aspects or procedures of your project.
10. Justify severity
You must adequately justify the severity of procedures.
Detail new techniques or locations
Make sure you detail any new techniques or locations used in your research. This could include a photo, diagram or video. 
Work with your reviewer Seek peer review to make sure you are providing the best possible answers and all required information.
Seek advice Don't be afraid or neglect to seek advice. You can obtain advice from other investigators, Laboratory Animal Services, Office of Research Integrity and government authorities such as the Emergencies and Animal Welfare Branch, NSW Department of Primary Industries.