Introduction to animal research: welfare and ethics course

The Introduction to Animal Research (ITAR) course fully informs researchers of their responsibilities when using animals for research and teaching purposes. Note that no animals are used in this course.

The ITAR course consists of five (5) separate modules:

Module  Date of session Registration
Module 1: Fundamentals of Animal Research

Wednesday 12 July 2016

Time: TBC

Registration open
Module 2: Small Laboratory Animals

Thursday 13 July 2016

Time: TBC

Registration open
Module 3: Wildlife

Thursday 21 July 2016

Time: TBC

Registration open
Module 4: Livestock

Thursday 21 July 2016

Time: TBC (Camden campus)

Registration open
Module 5: Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia

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Online only

Online course available

Modules will run 2-4 times a year, depending on demand.

Who should attend?

The ITAR course is compulsory for new animal researchers and is highly recommended for experienced animal researchers who are new to the University. All researchers using or planning to use animals are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Which modules are mandatory for me?

All researchers must complete Module 1 (Fundamentals of Animal Research). In addition, you must complete any of the species-specific modules that are relevant to your project. You may choose to complete the modules in any order.

You are NOT required to complete all species-specific modules to successfully complete the ITAR course. You may however register for modules outside your area of research should this be of interest to you.

If you are performing anaesthesia of laboratory animals, you must complete Module 5 (Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia).

Is the course assessed?

Yes. There will be a closed-book assessment at the end of each module covering all content presented in the course. A certificate of completion for each module (except module 5) will be issued to attendees who pass the assessment.

Is there a fee to attend the course?

The ITAR course is free for students, staff and affiliates of the University of Sydney. There is a fee for all participants NOT affiliated with the University of Sydney.

Fee: $85 (plus GST) per module (excluding module 5)

If you are an external attendee and would like to attend the ITAR course, please contact the Ethics Office to arrange payment of the fee.


If you have any queries or would like to express your interest for a module, please contact the Ethics Office