Online courses and tutorials

AALAS Learning Library (Animal Care and Use in Research and Education)

The AALAS Learning Library provides training that is essential for technicians, veterinarians, managers, AEC members, and investigators working with animals in a research or education setting.

Emphasizing the appropriate handling, care, and use of animals, the courses are designed to help you study for AALAS certification, meet training mandates of regulatory agencies, and improve your knowledge in technical areas.

The Experimental Fish - animal user training

The Experimental Fish is an online WebCT training program for people who "use" fish in research, teaching and testing applications. The course syllabus closely follows the core topics outlined in the Canadian Council on Animal Care's National Institional Aquatic Animal User Training Program with special reference to aquatic animals. This program reviews not only regulatory and ethical issues involved in experimental animal use but also the practical aspects of aquatic animal care.

For institutions that provide training programs for animal user staff, this course in combination with wet-lab demonstrations will provide a complete user training program.


Froguts is an online virtual dissection which has been designed to give better understanding of frogs and other life forms by the use of instructional technology.

Other useful links

Handling and monitoring (AHWLA)
This site provides tutorials on practical aspects of animal handling and monitoring.

Anesthesia and surgery (Digital Resources for Veterinary Trainers)
For a modest sum, this site offers online tutorials in surgery and anaesthesia of several species.

Procedures with Care - Developed by Newcastle University with the support of the Institute of Animal Technology and the NC3Rs, this site includes video tutorials showing:

  • Injections for rodents via different routes and
  • Aseptic techniques in rodent surgery