Animal ethics

Why is ethics approval necessary?

It is the responsibility of the investigator to ensure that all facets of animal care and use meet the requirements of the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes. This includes a responsibility to protect and promote the welfare of animals used.

The Code embodies the principles of:

  1. Reduction of animal use
  2. Replacement of animal use
  3. Refinement of animal use

These are known as the "3 Rs". It is important to consider these principles when designing and carrying out projects.

Do I need animal ethics approval?

If you plan to hold or use animals at the University of Sydney then you must apply to the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) for permission to do so. This is a requirement of the NSW Animal Research Act 1985.

When to apply

You must obtain approval before you begin your research. You can not obtain retrospective approval. Animals may not be held and projects must not commence until written approval has been received from the AEC.

Please submit your application more than a month (preferably two months) before your planned starting date.

How to apply

Who approves applications?

The University’s Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) approves animal ethics applications.