Human Ethics now online

All management of Human Ethics applications and approvals is now via IRMA. All current approved and pending paper applications have been migrated to the new system by the ethics team. Learning support is available via brief 'how to' videos and interactive webinars. If you would like to participate in a webinar, please register your interest via email.

'How to' videos

How to videos  Related Videos

Applications Running time 10m 33s

Modifications Running time 11m 40s

Annual Reports Running time 4m 55s

Approvals Running time 5m 12s

Benefits of the new system

Part of the Ethics online project, managing Human Ethics applications and approvals online:

  • removes the need for applicants to provide up to 8 paper copies of applications
  • provides auto-checking of some aspects of the application ensures higher accuracy and therefore reduced delays in approvals
  • makes compliance reporting easier, leading to a reduction in costs