Completing the application

All applications, modifications, annual reports and completion reports for Human Ethics are submitted and managed online via IRMA (Unikey required). Paper copies and emailed versions are no longer required or accepted. Current approved and pending applications were migrated to the new system by the ethics team.

Submitting your application

Your application must be approved by the relevant signatories before it will be added to a Committee agenda. Allow enough time for this happen before the submission deadline.

Questions on the application form

We have prepared a Review the questions (PDF| Unikey required) that may be asked as you work through the online application in IRMA.

Honours students

Honours students can log in to IRMA and contribute to the application form provided they have access to IRMA. Request access to IRMA online.

Who is the Chief Investigator?

In student research projects, the Chief Investigator must be a current University of Sydney staff member for risk management, insurance, and legal reasons.

Even though the student researcher may have designed the project themselves and done all the development work, etc., the student researcher’s supervisor must be named as the Chief Investigator.

For research where there may be two or more researchers who each claim "Chief Investigator" status, the HREC requires that only one Chief Investigator is named; the others may be listed as Associate Researchers.

As the Chief Investigator is ultimately the one responsible for the student researcher’s work, the Chief Investigator must read all prepared documents thoroughly before signing off on the application.