Human ethics application approvals

Once an application has been submitted it must be approved in IRMA by all researchers and the Faculty Approver. This replaces the traditional physical signature.

Once approved, it will be added to Committee meeting agenda. Allow enough time for approvals to occur before the submission deadline.

Summary of approvals required

Activity Chief
(incl. External Approvals)
Change in  Chief Investigator Y   Y
Modification Y    
Change in Personnel ONLY Y    
Change in Funding ONLY Y    
Annual & Completion Report Y    
Response to existing application Y    
Complaints and Breaches notification Y    
Unexpected incident or adverse event report Y    
* External Investigator approval is captured using the External Researcher Declaration form and submitted by uploading to IRMA

How will I know if it has been approved?

Check the submission status of your application in IRMA. After all approvals have been entered, the status will read ‘Assigned to a meeting’.

To ascertain which approvals are outstanding, email requesting the details of any outstanding approvals.

I have Researchers who are external to the University

Use the External Researcher Approvals form to capture approvals from External Researchers.

Upload the completed form to IRMA via the documents tab of your protocol.

What if my supervisor is not contactable/overseas?


The signatories on my application are incorrect, how do I get them changed?

Please email and explain why you wish them to be changed.