Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Membership

Committee 1

Role Name
Chairperson Stephen Assinder
Deputy Chairperson Simon Willcock
Health Professional Monica Robotin
Health Professional Charles New
Health Professional Stephen Fuller
Lawyer John Munton
Lawyer Geri Ettinger
Research Expertise (Psychology) Niko Tiliopoulos
Research Expertise (Medical Sciences) Damian Holsinger
Research Expertise (Conservatorim of Music) Helen Mitchell
Research Expertise (Nursing) Jennifer Fraser
Research Expertise (Social Sciences) Jonathan Bogais
Layman Wayne Squires
Layman Ettore Altomare
Laywoman Annie Parkinson
Laywoman Christina Kanellaki Lowe
Laywoman Louise Cowan
Pastoral Care Rev David Russell
Pastoral Care Rev Jenny Ihn

Committee 2

Role Name
Chairperson Glen Davis
Deputy Chairperson Fiona Gill
Health Professional Lilon Bandler
Health Professional Catherine Hawke
Health Professional Leslie Schrieber
Lawyer Wendy Blacker
Research Expertise (Pharmacy) Parisa Aslani
Research Expertise (Social Sciences) Karen O'Brien
Research Expertise (Health Sciences) Marlene Fransen
Research Expertise (Psychology) Stephen Touyz
Research Expertise (Economics and Business) Ranjit Voola
Layman Rouby Sidarous
Layman Michael Neary
Laywoman Sharyn Brown
Laywoman Frances Booth
Pastoral Care Rev Andrew Ford               
Pastoral Care Father David Braithwaite