Please allow sufficient time to obtain all approvals before the due date. Your application will not be considered until approval has been provided by all investigators (including external researchers), as well as the faculty approver. This must be completed before the submission deadline.

Applications are reviewed at Committee meetings and a response is usually provided within 10 working days. The University HREC's have a cap of 35 items per meeting. If we exceed that number of applications your submission will be considered at the next available meeting date.

PLEASE NOTE: During November-January we expect a large volume of applications. The cap will not be exceeded during this period. You are advised to submit your applications as early as possible to minimise the possibility of delay in review of your matter. The first meeting for 2015 is expected to be in late January/early February.

Human Research Ethics Committee
Meeting Dates for 2014

Committee Submission Deadline Meeting Date
HREC 2* 25/08/2014 09/09/2014
HREC 1 08/09/2014 23/09/2014
HREC 2* 22/09/2014 07/10/2014
HREC 1 06/10/2014 21/10/2014
HREC 2* 20/10/2014 04/11/2014
HREC 1 03/11/2014 18/11/2014
HREC 2* 17/11/2014 02/12/2014

* Deadline for monthly Subcommittees

Low risk applications

If your application is assessed by the Ethics Office as low risk, it may be allocated for review by one of the University’s discipline-specific or divisional subcommittees. The University has subcommittees for applications in the fields of Business, Psychology, the Conservatorium of Music, Humanities and Health. Please note that some of these subcommittees only review Honours projects (psychology), or only student projects (Conservatorium).

The Health and Business Subcommittees meet monthly, and the remaining subcommittees meet fortnightly. All the subcommittee deadlines are as above, with the monthly Business & Health Subcommittee deadlines indicated by the asterisk*. You do not need to assess whether your application is low risk, this will be done by the Ethics Office once you have completed the application form in IRMA.

Submission of modifications

All modifications are considered by the Human Research Ethics Committee Executive.



Submission Deadline

Meeting Date

 HREC  2 Exec



 HREC 1 Exec



 HREC 2 Exec



 HREC 1 Exec



 HREC 2 Exec



 HREC 1 Exec



 HREC 2 Exec



Clinical trial submission dates

All applications for Clinical Trials which involve a CTN or CTX are pre-reviewed by a Clinical Trials Sub-Committee prior to being considered by the University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

Please submit through IRMA and provide:

  • 1 single sided original copy and 10 double-sided stapled printed copies, including all attachments
  • Each copy should include a cover letter outlining the qualifications of all named researchers.
  • Once you have submitted in IRMA, please submit the printed copies to the Research Office, Level 6, the Jane Foss Russell Building - G02
Submission deadline Sub-Committee Meeting
11 July 28 July 2014
8 August 25 August 2014
5 September 22 September 2014
10 October 27 October 2014
7 November 24 November 2014