Guidelines: Administrative fee

Research sponsored by commercial sponsors

An ethics administration fee of $2,500 (net of GST) will be charged for applications from University of Sydney staff or students that are externally funded by commercial sponsors.

This is a stand-alone fee and is in addition to any University indirect costs.

Ethics applications for research projects sponsored by government (including ARC/NHMRC) or not for profit organisations and administered by the University are exempt from this fee.

If your research project is funded by a commercial sponsor you should include the administration fee in your project budget that is approved by the sponsor.

How to pay

If the ethics administration fee is to be paid from a University account, you will need to provide the project account code with the ethics application so that the fee can be charged via a journal transfer. If the fee is not being paid from a University account, including payments by an external party, you will need to provide contact details (company name, person contact, telephone and email) and mailing address to which the invoice should be sent. GST is applicable in this instance.

Applications from external organisations

Ethics applications from external organisations with no direct link to the University, where the chief investigator is neither a staff member, affiliate nor a student of the University, may be accepted for review at the discretion of the University HREC. The external organisation will be charged an administration fee of $2,500 (+ GST).