Extension of approval

Your project has approval for four (4) years from the date of first approval. This approval is conditional upon a satisfactory Annual Report being submitted each year. Extensions of time may be granted upon request.

You can check your current end date in IRMA in the Main Details tab of your project file. You can access your project file from any coversheet by clicking the magnifying glass icon. The current end date for your protocol is listed as “Requested end date”. If your project’s completion date is due, and you wish to request an extension of time, you can do so by requesting an extension when you complete your Annual Report. Please provide the reasons for requesting the extension.

You may also request an extension of time in conjunction with other amendments via the “Modification to existing approved protocol” form.

When requesting an extension or amendment to your protocol you should ensure that you have complied with all conditions of approval. These conditions are outlined in your approval letter/s (you can find the approval letter/s in IRMA under the "Documents" tab in your project file).