Guidelines: Market research companies

The use of market research companies is permitted, but researchers must provide confirmation that:

  • companies are accredited by their professional association
  • companies adhere to the ethical guidelines for such groups
  • strict confidentiality will be maintained concerning participants names and addresses
  • strict confidentiality will be maintained for any data

The market research company must sign a declaration that research data obtained will be the sole property of the research team.

The research team must disclose from whom the funds are obtained to employ the market research company.

If the market research company will be contacting members listed in their databases, researchers must be able to:

  • inform the Committee what these individuals have consented to being contacted for and
  • what they will be asked when they are contacted by the Company.

Use of company/organisation databases

If researchers plan on recruiting potential participants from a database owned and operated by a company/organisation, they must provide permission from an appropriate individual within the company/organisation to access the database.

Additionally, they must inform the Committee as to exactly what the database members consented to being contacted for or having their details used for.