Guidelines: Questionnaires and de-identification

Whenever possible, questionnaires should be anonymous.

When it is necessary to cross link questionnaire answers to other data it is better to have a research project identifier than to have a generic identifier such as the subject's/participant's name or Student I.D. number.

If it is necessary to link the answers to student performances then only the Student ID number (without name) should be used. Where access to student records is required, written permission must be obtained from the University Registrar.

Researchers should provide copies of all questionnaires to be administered in the research project to the Committee for review, and the application should clearly state whether the questionnaires will be anonymous, de-identified, or de-coded.

In the case that a questionnaire is answered anonymously, it is not necessary to obtain participant consent; completion of the questionnaire is taken as consent. In this case, participants must be informed via the Participant Information Statement that provision of the questionnaire is taken as consent, and that it is therefore only possible for participants to withdraw prior to handing over the completed questionnaire.