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National guidelines and codes


Child protection legislation and criminal records check

If the participants include children (defined by statute for this purpose as anyone under 18) the relevant child protection forms must be lodged.

The process for applying for a new Working With Children Check is as follows:

STEP 1 - Fill in an online form at www.newcheck.kids.nsw.gov.au. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an application number. This application number cannot be used for online verification until STEP 2 is completed.

STEP 2 – You must take your application number and proof of your identity to a NSW motor registry or NSW Council Agency. Proof of identity for the Working With Children Check is the same as for a NSW driver’s licence. If you are in paid work, you must also pay an $80 fee for a five year clearance. The application number can now be used in the online verification process, pending the final outcome of the Working With Children Check application. (Note: applications from students/volunteers are free of charge).

You will be advised of the final outcome of your check by email within a few days of lodging the application.

SERAP - Please advise SERAP (in an email to serap@det.nsw.edu.au ) of your SERAP number, full name, date of birth and Working With Children Check application number.

State and Federal laws concerning the taping of telephone conversations

If researchers plan on recording telephone interviews, they should refer to the State and Federal Laws concerning the taping of telephone conversations.

Human Tissue Act
Research Involving Human Embryos

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