Request modifications

When to request a modification

If you are modifying any aspect of the study, for example:

  • recruitment procedures
  • methodology
  • extension of ethics approval
  • personnel
  • new funding
  • changes to Participant Information Statement/Consent Form
  • advertisements

you need to submit a request for modification.

Some modifications may require changes to any of the public document(s) such as Participant Information Statements, Consent Forms, questionnaires, etc. You should include amended documentation with your modification request.

How to request modification

All modifications are submitted and processed online via IRMA (About IRMA UniKey required).

If you are only requesting a change in staff, select and complete the “Change in Personnel Only” form. Likewise, if you are only requesting a change in funding, complete the “Change in Funding Only” form.

For all other modifications, please select and complete the "Modification form"


Requests to change personnel only or change in funding only are considered by the Human Ethics Manager and can be submitted at any time.

Modifications are considered at the next Deputy Chairs Review Committee meeting. Refer to the current meeting dates. Outcomes are advised within ten working days of the meeting.

Sometimes the Deputy Chairs Review Committee may recommend the modification be reviewed by the Human Research Ethics Committee. You will be notified of this and any likely delay to notification of final outcome.