Successful ARC Discovery Early Career Research Awards commencing in 2012

Researcher & faculty Project Total Funding
Dr Susan R Banki
Arts and Social Sciences
Refugee activism and social movements: the transformation of homeland politics $375,000
Dr Prudence S Black
Arts and Social Sciences
A modern profession: the Australian air hostess/flight attendant 1936 - 1984 $375,000
Dr Victor D Boantza
The making of the modern chemist: struggles within Enlightenment science $375,000
Dr Matthew C Brandley
How does viviparity evolve? Genetic perspectives from a unique model system $375,000
Dr Eric G Cavalcanti The structure of nonclassicality and the foundations of quantum theory $375,000
Dr Clara K Chow
Sydney Medical School
Mobile phone text reminders to modify behaviours and prevent cardiovascular disease $375,000
Dr Benjamin C Hachey WikiLinks: web-scale linking and fact extraction with Wikipedia $375,000
Dr Holly High
Arts and Social Sciences
Desire and the political field: decision-making and political moralities from 'culture village' to Vientiane, Laos $375,000
Dr Deirdre E Howard-Wagner
Arts and Social Sciences
Indigenous societies, governance and wellbeing: a study of Indigenous community success in addressing disadvantage and promoting wellbeing $375,000
Dr Jia Hu
Agriculture and Environment
Water and carbon stable isotope exchange between the biosphere and atmosphere $375,000
Dr Luke Hunter
Selective fluorination chemistry: a tool for creating bioactive, shape-controlled peptides $375,000
Dr Chad Husko
Optical solitons on a photonic chip: unprecedented light control at the nanoscale $375,000
Dr Edel M Hyland The contribution of histone post-translational modifications to eukaryotic evolution $375,000
Dr Hyun Jin Kim
Arts and Social Sciences
The transfer of global hegemony: geopolitical revolutions in world history $375,000
Dr Peter S Kim
Mathematical modelling of breast cancer immunity: guiding the development of preventative breast cancer vaccines $375,000
Dr Martijn Konings
Arts and Social Sciences
The rise of the United States Federal Reserve $375,000
Dr Peter V Liddicoat
Enabling a new generation of advanced high-strength aluminium alloys through materials design $375,000
Dr Nicolas C Menicucci
Quantum computation and relativistic quantum information $375,000
Dr Dalia Nassar
Arts and Social Sciences
Nature and culture in German Romantic philosophy and environmental philosophy $375,000
Dr Elizabeth J New
Development of sensors for biological redox state $375,000
Dr Tamson Pietsch Global republics: universities and the origins of the knowledge economy $375,000
Dr Fabio T Ramos
Engineering and IT
Data fusion and active sensing for environment monitoring $375,000
Dr Jochen B Schröder
Ultra-stable photonic-chip pulse source $375,000
Dr Alison A Searle Religious nonconformity and performance in Britain (circa 1620-1680) $375,000
Dr Nicholas E Shepherd
Innovative chemical tools for the isolation, biochemical and structural analysis of biological macromolecular assemblies $375,000
Dr Dennis Stello Probing fundamental stellar physics and unravelling open star clusters with NASA's Kepler Mission $375,000
Dr Youhong Tang
Engineering and IT
Water-swellable rubber with nanoparticle-enabled super capacity as smart water-leakage sealant $375,000
Dr Allison Tong
Sydney Medical School
Protecting equity and ethics in organ donation: patient, public and professional perspectives $375,000
Dr Blanca I Tovias de Plaisted
Arts and Social Sciences
Entangled colonialisms: First Nations women of the American-Canadian borderlands, 1880-1940 $375,000
Dr Janet van Eersel The role of the unfolded protein response in tau neurobiology and pathology $375,000
Dr Kirsty A Walters
Sydney Medical School
Androgens and ovarian function $375,000
Dr Melanie Y White
The influence of crosstalk between protein post-translational modifications on the propagation of molecular signals $375,000
Dr Junhai Xia
A micro-compression study of aluminium alloys: establishing the nanoscale mechanisms of precipitate-induced strengthening to achieve stronger alloys $375,000
Dr Chunle Xiong
Quantum entanglement using slow-light-enhanced nonlinearity $375,000
Dr Helen V Young
Sydney Medical School
Imagining diversity: race and ethnicity in popular fantasy $375,000
Dr Shiwei Zhou
Engineering and IT
Topology optimisation for advanced engineered nanostructures $375,000