Successful ARC Discovery Early Career Research Awards commencing in 2013

Researcher Project Total Funding
Dr Alexander Clark
Quantum state translation in integrated optics: enabling multicolour quantum processing 375,000
Dr Nicholas Epain
Engineering and Information Technologies
Next generation acoustic sensor arrays for super resolution imaging 270,847
Dr Jodi E Frawley
Arts and Social Sciences
Shoal waters: estuary histories, local knowledge and sustainable fishing in Eastern Australia 357,139
Dr Yixiang Gan
Engineering and Information Technologies
Heat flow in granular media under extreme loading conditions 378,832
Dr Anika Guja
Arts and Social Sciences
The politics of party reform: who benefits from the democratisation of political parties? 372,065
Dr Darren Hudson
An ultrafast mid-infrared fiber laser: short pulses at long wavelengths 375,000
Dr Yazi D Ke
Brain and Mind Institute
Novel postsynaptic functions of the microtubule-associated protein tau 375,000
Dr Arlie E Loughnan
Reponsibility in criminal law 374,906
Dr Fiona Martin
Arts and Social Sciences
Mediating the conversation: inclusive dialogue in globalising online news environments 364,950
Dr Julian Mestre
Engineering and Information Technologies
Universal solution for scheduling problems 357,084
Dr Jonathan Newton
Arts and Social Sciences
Bank regulation: the implications of interconnectedness and adaptive behaviour 368,777
Dr Sheehan S Olver
A new class of fast and reliable spectral methods for partial differential equations 315,640
Dr John Ormerod
Scalable Bayesian model selection for massive data sets 370,410
Dr Sarah G Phillips
Arts and Social Sciences
State formation and external finance: a case study of Somaliland 363,379
Dr Anna K Renfrew
Rational design of novel metal-based chaperones for tumour-selective drug delivery 375,000
Dr Aarti Singh
Arts and Social Sciences
Human capital risk: implications for policy 347,620
Dr Erik van der Burg
Multisensory integration in complex stimuli 374,650
Dr Shawn M Wilder
The nutritional regulation of food chain length in terrestrial arthropod communities 375,000
Dr Brendan L Wilkinson
Access to biomimetic carbohydrate receptors using dynamic combinatorial chemistry 375,000