Successful ARC Discovery Early Career Research Awards commencing in 2014

Researcher Project Total Funding
Dr Alyson Ashe Determining the mechanisms of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. $395,220
Dr Shaghik Atakaramians Terahertz metamaterial waveguides: a platform to create the next generation of compact THz devices $395,220
Dr Fabrizio Frati Morphing Graph Drawings $297,003
Dr Daniel Huber Exploring Distant Worlds using NASA's Kepler Space Telescope $316,720
Dr Cliff Kerr The forest and the trees: How global brain rhythms facilitate local information processing $395,220
Dr Vincent Laurent Neural substrates underlying appetitive-aversive interactions $389,967
Dr Young Lee Non-Intrusive Resource Sharing for Cloud Data Centre Efficiency $301,970
Dr Megan MacKenzie Women in Combat: a comparative analysis of removing the combat exclusion $389,548
Dr Alberto Peruzzo Integrated photonic quantum simulators for quantum chemistry $395,220
Dr Santosh Rudrawar Development of Innovative Chemical Tools for Studying Glycosyltransferases $395,220
Dr Aarti Singh Human capital risk: Implications for policy $347,620
Dr Natalie Vanicek Transforming patient care, musculoskeletal function and falls prevention in lower limb amputees $392,219
Dr Geoffrey Vasil Computational geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics at the petascale $332,820