Discovery Projects

Discovery Projects

Funding Body

Australian Research Council

Key Dates

Applications open: 9 December 2015
Internal Notice of Intent to Apply: 8th December 2016
Internal closing date (Review ready applications): 8 February 2016
Request  not to assess due at ARC: 17 February 2016
Internal closing date (Final applications): 25 February 2016
Applications due at ARC: 3 March 2016
Rejoinders: June 2016


Applications may be made for project costs only. International Collaboration Awards (ICAs) may be requested for up to two researchers (CIs or PIs).

Minimum $30,000 and maximum $500,000 per year funding, for up to 5 years.

Application Process

  1. Read How to apply for an ARC scheme and Prepare a proposal before you start.
  2. Read the ARC Funding Rules and Cross Scheme Eligibility FAQs
  3. Read the ARC's summary of changes to Discovery funding rules
  4. Read the ARC Instructions to Applicants and USydney Administration Guide when available
  5. Create application in RMS and submit draft proposal to Research Grants and Contracts by internal closing date
  6. Submit Request not to Assess form by due date
  7. Complete Research Proposal Clearance Form and Written evidence proforma (PDF)
  8. Submit complete final application by internal closing date


ARC resources

University of Sydney resources