Successful ARC Discovery Projects 2009

CI Full Name Host Faculty/ Dept/ School Investigator,ALL (alpha) Project Title Fellowship/Type Total ARC Funding
Andrew Merchant Agriculture Merchant, Andrew~ Metabolite pools and their implications for plant responses to global change Andrew Merchant/ APD $277,182.00
Trudy Ellen Doelman Arts, Archaeology (SOPHI) Jia, Wei Ming Peter~Doelman, Trudy Ellen~ Crossing borders: The Use and Distribution of Volcanic Glass Artefacts in Northeast Asia   $135,000.00
Mitchel James Hendrickson Arts, Archaeology (SOPHI) Cook, Duncan~Hua, Quan~Leisen, Hans~Pottier, Christophe~Hendrickson, Mitchel James~ Industries of Angkor: Production and Decline of the Khmer Empire (11th to 15th centuries CE) Mitch Hendrickson/ APD $329,000.00
Douglas James O'Reilly Arts, Archaeology (SOPHI) Armstrong, Richard~Chhem, Rethy~Domett, Kathryn~Higham, Charles~Shewan, Louise Gabrielle~O'Reilly, Douglas James~ History in their bones: A diachronic, bioarchaeological study of diet, mobility and social organisation from Cambodian skeletal assemblages   $154,000.00
Daniel Thomas Potts Arts, Archaeology (SOPHI) Potts, Daniel Thomas~ From village to empire in the Zagros highlands: Archaeological investigations at Tol-e Nurabad (Fars Province, Iran) Daniel Potts/ APF $494,590.00
Robin Torrence Arts, Archaeology (SOPHI) Carter, Elizabeth Anne~Kononenko, Nina Afanasyevna~Torrence, Robin~ Valuing Stones: obsidian stemmed tools in the creation of social complexity in Papua New Guinea Nina Kononenko/ APD $457,000.00
Jennifer Milam Arts, Art History & Theory (SLAM) Milam, Jennifer~ The Business of Art: Corporate Interventions into the Production, Display, and Reception of the Visual Arts   $194,000.00
Edel Lamb Arts, English (SLAM) Lamb, Edel~ Reading Children in Early Modern Culture Edel Lamb/ APD $257,389.00
Catherine Anne Driscoll Arts, Gender & Cultural Studies (SOPHI) Driscoll, Catherine Anne~ Cultural sustainability in small country towns: mobility, technology, and everyday cultural practices   $323,486.00
Elspeth Probyn Arts, Gender & Cultural Studies (SOPHI) Probyn, Elspeth~ Tastes and place: the transglobal production and consumption of food and drink   $224,000.00
Warwick Hugh Anderson Arts, History (SOPHI) Jones, Ross~Anderson, Warwick Hugh~ Anatomies of Empire: Race, Evolution and ScientificNetworks in the Twentieth-Century British World Ross Jones/ APD $320,000.00
Alison Caroline Bashford Arts, History (SOPHI) Amrith, Sunil~McAdam, Jane Alexandra~Bashford, Alison Caroline~ A Transnational History of Immigration Law, c. 1880 to the present   $343,000.00
Michael Andrew McDonnell Arts, History (SOPHI) McDonnell, Michael Andrew~ Charles Langlade, the Anishinaabeg, and the making and unmaking of the Atlantic World   $101,000.00
Anthony Dirk Moses Arts, History (SOPHI) Moses, Anthony Dirk~ Genocide: Critical History of an Idea   $131,000.00
Cassandra Pybus Arts, History (SOPHI) Pybus, Cassandra~ Interrogating the Book of Negroes: explorations of slavery and freedom in the Atlantic world in the era of the American Revolution   $130,000.00
Peter Read Arts, History (SOPHI) Read, Peter~ A history of Aboriginal Sydney since 1788 Peter Read/ APF $635,000.00
Glenda Anna Sluga Arts, History (SOPHI) Sluga, Glenda Anna~ The International History of Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism, 1814-1822   $285,028.00
Stephen Wallace Gaukroger Arts, Philosophy (SOPHI) Gaukroger, Stephen Wallace~ Science and the Shaping of Modernity, 1690-1755 Stephen Gaukroger/ APF $618,000.00
Kristie Lyn Miller Arts, Philosophy (SOPHI) Miller, Kristie Lyn~ Fundamental Ways the World Could Be: Challenging Metaphysical Orthodoxy   $109,000.00
Paul Michael Redding Arts, Philosophy (SOPHI) Bubbio, Paolo Diego~Redding, Paul Michael~ The God of Hegel's Post-Kantian Idealism Paolo Bubbio/ APD $442,972.00
Dean Rickles Arts, Philosophy (SOPHI) Rickles, Dean~ The Development of Quantum Gravity Dean Rickles/ ARF $617,500.00
John Wilkins Arts, Philosophy (SOPHI) Griffiths, Paul Edmund~Wilkins, John~ Recent scientific explanations of religion: A methodological and philosophical analysis John Wilkins/ APD $264,147.00
Iain Malcolm Frank Gardner Arts, Religious Studies (SLAM) BeDuhn, Jason~Diley, Paul~Gardner, Iain Malcolm Frank~ The digital restoration of the Dublin Kephalaia codex and its importance for the history of religions Paul Diley/ APD $360,000.00
Julian Stephen Castles Arts, Sociology & Social Policy (SAPS) Castles, Julian Stephen~ Social transformation and international migration in the 21st century   $448,000.00
CI Full Name Host Faculty/ Dept/ School Investigator,ALL (alpha) Project Title Fellowship/Type   Total ARC Funding
Michael Vincent Swain Dentistry, Dentistry He, Lihong~Jacques, Nicholas~Swain, Michael Vincent~ Biomimetic Insights from Enamel: A Nano-mechanical and Nano-structural Investigation of a Natural Ceramic-like Biocomposite. Lihong He/ APD $418,000.00
Melanie Ann Fillios DVC Research & Innovation (Grouping), Electron Microscope Fillios, Melanie Ann~ The Taphonomy of Waterhole Faunal Death Assemblages: A model for Archaeological Contexts in the Australian Semi-Arid Zone Melanie Fillios/ APD $335,978.00
Simon Peter Ringer DVC Research & Innovation (Grouping), Electron Microscope Gault, Baptiste Jean Germain~Green, Martin~Ringer, Simon Peter~ Structure-Activity Relationships in Silicon-based Photovoltaics through Atomic Scale Microscopy Baptiste Gault/ APD $816,000.00
Rongkun Zheng DVC Research & Innovation (Grouping), Electron Microscope Yeoh, Wai Kong~Zheng, Rongkun~ Microscopic Origin of Enahnced Flux Pinning in Doped MgB2 Superconductors Wai Kong Yeoh/ APD $490,000.00
David Anthony Chaikin Economics and Business, Business Law Sharman, Jason~Chaikin, David Anthony~ The Nexus between Corruption & Money Laundering: Typologies and Policy Responses   $200,000.00
Christian John Enemark Economics and Business, Centre for International Studies Selgelid, Michael~Enemark, Christian John~ Infectious diseases, security and ethics   $260,000.00
Richard Helmut Gerlach Economics and Business, Operations Management and Econometrics Smith, Michael~Gerlach, Richard Helmut~ Bayesian Inference for Flexible Parametric Multivariate Econometric modelling   $148,000.00
Russell Duncan Lansbury Economics and Business, Work & Organisational Studies Lansbury, Russell Duncan~ Beyond our Control? The impact of multinational corporations on Industrial Relations in Australia   $240,000.00
Peter Raymond Freebody Education & Social Work Freebody, Peter Raymond~ Martin, James Robert~ Maton, Karl Anthony~ Disciplinarity, knowledge and schooling: Analysing and improving integrated, cumulative learning in classrooms.   $360,000.00
Peter Michael Goodyear Education & Social Work Ellis, Robert~Prosser, Michael~Goodyear, Peter Michael~ Learning through inquiry in Higher Education   $425,000.00
Peter Michael Goodyear Education & Social Work Markauskaite, Lina~Goodyear, Peter Michael~ Professional learning for knowledgeable action and innovation: The development of epistemic fluency in higher education   $220,000.00
Andrew James Martin Education & Social Work Martin, Andrew James~ The Millennium Child: New Frontiers in Understanding the Adaptability of Children and Young People   $447,108.00
Peter Reimann Education & Social Work Calvo, Rafael~Yacef-Cullum, Kalina~Reimann, Peter~ Comprehensive support for collaborative writing: Visualising arguement, text and process structures   $270,000.00
Steven William Armfield Engineering, Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Kirkpatrick, Michael Philip~Lin, Wenxian~Armfield, Steven William~ Simulation and optimisation of displacement cooling and ventilation systems   $300,000.00
Xiaozhou Liao Engineering, Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Lu, Chunsheng~Shen, Yaogen~Wang, Yanbo~Liao, Xiaozhou~ Atomistic mechanisms of the mechanical behaviour of nanostructured silicon carbide films   $300,000.00
Ye Lu Engineering, Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Lu, Ye~ Fundamentals Damage Identification in Tubular structures using Guided Waves Ye Lu/ APD $300,000.00
Mari Velonaki Engineering, Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Velonaki, Mari~ Physicality, Tactility, Intimacy: Interaction between Humans and Robots Mari Velonaki/ QE11 $753,757.00
Geoffrey William Barton Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Fan, Xijun~Barton, Geoffrey William~ Numerically Robust Extruder Die Design for Fabricating High-Quality Pre-forms for Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres   $405,000.00
Fariba Dehghani Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Kazarian, Sergei~Khademhosseini, Ali~Dehghani, Fariba~ Benign fabrication of microfluidic hydrogel for improved artificial vasculature in bone implants   $330,000.00
Brian Scott Haynes Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Haynes, Brian Scott~ Scaleable Microstructured Chemical Process Systems   $375,000.00
Timothy Alan Granville Langrish Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Langrish, Timothy Alan Granville~ Improving Powder Properties by Using Spray Dryers to Process Amorphous Components of Solids into Crystalline Materials   $325,000.00
Howard Tomio See Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Jabbarzadeh-Khoei, Ahmad~See, Howard Tomio~ Multiscale modelling of flexible fibrous suspensions under flow   $310,000.00
Itai Einav Engineering, Civil Engineering Tordesillas, Antoinette~Einav, Itai~ Confined comminution and particle flow: a general model for large-scale canonical solutions   $390,000.00
Kim John Rise Rasmussen Engineering, Civil Engineering Hancock, Gregory James~Rasmussen, Kim John Rise~ Advanced analysis methods for locally unstable steel structures   $375,000.00
Tara Julia Hamilton Engineering, Electrical Engineering Hamilton, Tara Julia~ A neuromorphic binaural hearing sensor Tara Hamilton/ APD $305,000.00
Yonghui Li Engineering, Electrical Engineering Li, Yonghui~ Efficient Distributed Coding for Wireless Networks   $200,000.00
Dah Chuan Dylan Lu Engineering, Electrical Engineering Agelidis, Vassilios Georgios~Lu, Dah Chuan Dylan~ Hot-swappable and High-efficient Grid-connected Power Electronics For Photovoltaic Modules with Direct Power Transfer Technique   $175,000.00
Robert A Minasian Engineering, Electrical Engineering Minasian, Robert A~ New paradigms for high-resolution microwave photonic signal processing   $960,000.00
Xiaoke Yi Engineering, Electrical Engineering Yi, Xiaoke~ Novel coherence-free microwave photonic signal processors.   $155,000.00
Peter Eades Engineering, Information Technologies Hong, Seok Hee~Eades, Peter~ Scalable Visual Analytics for Dynamic Temporal Networks   $263,000.00
Alan David Fekete Engineering, Information Technologies Roehm, Uwe~Fekete, Alan David~ Escaping the concurrency tradeoff: a new approach to enterprise software   $270,000.00
Bjorn Landfeldt Engineering, Information Technologies Landfeldt, Bjorn~ Coping with Chaos: Towards Efficient and Robust Wireless Networks   $210,000.00
Bing Bing Zhou Engineering, Information Technologies Brent, Richard~Zhou, Bing Bing~ An Integrative and Interactive Approach for Co-estimation of Multiple Sequence Alignment and Phylogeny Reconstruction   $230,000.00
Simon Charles Fleming Engineering, Physics Fleming, Simon Charles~ Novel Laser Light Sources   $410,000.00
Gwynnyth Muriel Llewellyn Health Sciences , Health Sciences Emerson, Eric~Honey, Anne Merrilyn~Llewellyn, Gwynnyth Muriel~ Improving the life chances of young disabled Australians   $185,000.00
CI Full Name Host Faculty/ Dept/ School Investigator,ALL (alpha) Project Title Fellowship/Type Total ARC Funding
Steven Richard Meikle Health Sciences , Medical Radiation Sciences Meikle, Steven Richard~ Simultaneous measurement of brain function and behaviour in fully conscious laboratory animals   $330,000.00
Anita Constance Bundy Health Sciences , Occupation & Leisure Sciences Baur, Louise Alison~Naughton, Geraldine~Schiller, Wendy~Tranter, Paul~Wyver, Shirley~Bundy, Anita Constance~ Popping the Bubblewrap: Unleashing the Power of Play   $398,923.00
Belinda Jane Bennett Law Carney, Terry Ross~Coker, Richard~Gostin, Lawrence~Griffiths, Sian~Howse, Genevieve~Martin, Robyn~Mercurio, Brian~Bennett, Belinda Jane~ Legal and Ethical Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza   $430,000.00
Patrick Newport Parkinson Law Cashmore, Judith Anne~Chisholm, Richard Colin~Parkinson, Patrick Newport~ Relocation after parental separation: a longitudinal study   $360,000.00
Kristin Louise Savell Law Karpin, Isabel Ann~Savell, Kristin Louise~ The Legal Function of Serious Disability in Prenatal and Neonatal Health Care Settings   $229,000.00
Michael Davies Medicine, Central Clinical School Davies, Michael~ Mechanisms and consequences of myeloperoxidase-mediated damage to glycosaminoglycans, proteins and proteoglycans Michael Davies/ APF $870,000.00
Barbara Denise Fazekas Medicine, Central Clinical School Weninger, Wolfgang Peter~Fazekas, Barbara Denise~ Real-time imaging of the initiation of adaptive immunity in vivo   $480,000.00
Mark Graham Medicine, Children's Medical Research Institute Robinson, Phillip~Graham, Mark~ O-GlcNAc-phosphorylation: a novel posttranslational modification regulating vesicle recycling.   $300,000.00
Edna Hardeman Medicine, Children's Medical Research Institute Palmer, Stephen~Hardeman, Edna~ Mouse models for the identification of factors involved in muscle adaptation   $235,000.00
Patrick Ping Leung Tam Medicine, Children's Medical Research Institute Robb, Lorraine~Tam, Patrick Ping Leung~ Molecular control of embryonic patterning: The function of Rhou gene in mediating response to WNT signalling   $421,000.00
Robert Charles Baxter Medicine, Nothern Clinical School Baxter, Robert Charles~ How IGFBP-3 improves cancer cell responsiveness to DNA-damaging therapies   $480,000.00
Nicholas Henry Hunt Medicine, Pathology: School Medical Sciences Hunt, Nicholas Henry~ Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-2: a newly discovered enzyme with a key role in kidney function   $290,000.00
Roland Stocker Medicine, Pathology: School Medical Sciences Stocker, Roland~ Cellular Responses to Adversity: Oxidative Stress & Protection Against Oxidative Damage   $304,000.00
Christine Koeppl Medicine, Physiology: School Medical Sciences Koeppl, Christine~ Evolution of sound localisation in vertebrates: head size, sound frequency and neural phase-locking   $343,000.00
Samuel Gavan Solomon Medicine, Physiology: School Medical Sciences Protti, Dario Alejandro~Solomon, Samuel Gavan~ Inhibitory control of retinal sensitivity   $300,000.00
Kirsten Howard Medicine, Public Health Allen, Richard David Morsley~Cass, Alan~Chadban, Steven James~Jan, Stephen~Rose, John Matthew~Howard, Kirsten~ Community preferences for organ donation and allocation in Australia   $240,000.00
Beric Ross Anthony Henderson Medicine, Western Clinical School Henderson, Beric Ross Anthony~ Dynamics and assembly of BRCA1-associated DNA repair complexes   $260,000.00
Andrew Haddon Kemp Medicine, Western Clinical School Felmingham, Kim Louise~Kemp, Andrew Haddon~ Neurobiological bases for depression and anxiety: Towards an integrative model of emotion disorders   $225,000.00
CI Full Name Host Faculty/ Dept/ School Investigator,ALL (alpha) Project Title Fellowship/Type Total ARC Funding
Hak-Kim Chan Pharmacy Chan, Hak-Kim~ Development of a novel process for the formation of particles with controlled surface architecture for respiratory drug delivery   $360,000.00
Ramin Rohanizadeh Pharmacy LeGeros, Racquel~Mason, Rebecca Sara~Rohanizadeh, Ramin~ Drug-delivery coatings for a new generation of orthopaedic implants   $325,000.00
Madeleine Beekman Science, Biological Sciences Myerscough, Mary Ruth~Beekman, Madeleine~ House hunting honey bees: speed-accuracy trade-fffs in collective decision-making   $330,000.00
Min Chen Science, Biological Sciences Chen, Min~ Molecular mechanisms of spectral extension in photosynthesis: trhe substitution and formation of the novel pigment chlorophyll d   $290,000.00
Christopher Richard Dickman Science, Biological Sciences Dickman, Christopher Richard~ The renaissance predator: complex predator-prey interactions and vertebrate diversity in arid Australia Chris Dickman/ APF $1,080,000.00
Ligia Mendeleh do Prado Science, Biological Sciences Mendeleh do Prado, Ligia~ Host-parasite interactions during a biological invasion: toad, frogs and nematode in tropical Australia Ligia Mendeleh do Prado/ APD $300,000.00
Benjamin Paul Oldroyd Science, Biological Sciences Oldroyd, Benjamin Paul~ Choosing when to be sexual: clonal and sexual reproduction in a population of honey bees   $250,000.00
Richard Shine Science, Biological Sciences Shine, Richard~ The roles of stress and immunocompetence in biological invasions   $900,000.00
Stephen James Simpson Science, Biological Sciences Simpson, Stephen James~ Heterarchical modelling of nutritional ecology: from individuals to communities   $390,000.00
Peter Harrowell Science, Chemistry Hudson, Toby Scott~Harrowell, Peter~ Atomistic Mechanisms of Stress Relaxation in Amorphous Materials   $175,000.00
Cameron John Kepert Science, Chemistry Kepert, Cameron John~ Advanced Functional Properties in Coordination Framework Materials   $600,000.00
Peter Andrew Lay Science, Chemistry De Jonge, Martin~Foran, Gary~Glover, Christopher~Harris, Hugh~Pattison, David~Tobin, Mark~Vogt, Stefan~Lay, Peter Andrew~ Microprobe and Nanoprobe Studies on Intracellular Disease Processes and Their Treatment Peter Lay/ APF $995,000.00
Leonard Francis Lindoy Science, Chemistry Meehan, George V~Lindoy, Leonard Francis~ Metal Directed Assembly of New Supramolecular Systems   $220,000.00
Thomas Maschmeyer Science, Chemistry Maschmeyer, Thomas~ Renewable Fuels and chemicals from fibrous organic waste and non-food crops   $430,000.00
Richard James Payne Science, Chemistry Payne, Richard James~ Chemical synthesis of cancer-associated glycoproteins   $485,000.00
Louis Michael Rendina Science, Chemistry Allen, Barry~Matsumura, Akira~Rendina, Louis Michael~ New Boron and Gadolinium Agents for Neutron Capture Therapy   $410,000.00
Timothy Schmidt Science, Chemistry Kable, Scott Henderson~Nauta, Klaas Bauke~Schmidt, Timothy~ Molecules as probes of the interstellar medium   $260,000.00
Gregory Goodman Warr Science, Chemistry Atkin, Rob~Warr, Gregory Goodman~ Adsorption and Structure at Ionic Liquid Interfaces   $380,000.00
CI Full Name Host Faculty/ Dept/ School Investigator,ALL (alpha) Project Title Fellowship/Type Total ARC Funding
Ralph Dietmar Muller Science, Geosciences Gurnis, Michael~Sdrolias, Maria~Torsvik, Trond~Muller, Ralph Dietmar~ The Subduction Reference Framework: unravelling the causes of long-term sea-level change Maria Sdrolias/ APD $310,000.00
Ralph Dietmar Muller Science, Geosciences Morra, Gabriele~Muller, Ralph Dietmar~ Planet-scale reorganizations of the plate-mantle system   $300,000.00
Patrice Francis Rey Science, Geosciences Rey, Patrice Francis~ The Origin of Australia Opal Deposits: Unlocking the Secrets of an Australian Icon   $225,000.00
Anthony Henderson Science, Mathematics & Statistics Henderson, Anthony~ The geometry of exotic nilpotent cones   $40,000.00
Nalini Joshi Science, Mathematics & Statistics Joshi, Nalini~ Integrable Lattice Equations   $278,000.00
Andrew Patrick Mathas Science, Mathematics & Statistics Henderson, Anthony~Mathas, Andrew Patrick~ Pyramids and decomposition numbers for the symmetric and general linear groups Andrew Mathas/ APF $428,000.00
Sanjiban Santra Science, Mathematics & Statistics Santra, Sanjiban~ Blow up phenomena in semilinear elliptic partial differential equations. Sanjiban Santra/ APD $270,000.00
Yee Hwa Yang Science, Mathematics & Statistics Arthur, Jonathan Wesley~Raimondo, Marc Eric~Yang, Yee Hwa~ Statistical and computational methods using a multi-scale approach to protein identification and quantification   $260,000.00
Ruibin Zhang Science, Mathematics & Statistics Zhang, Ruibin~ Noncommutative geometry in representation theory and quantum physics Ruibin Zhang/ APF $450,000.00
Deidre Anne Carter Science, Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Slapeta, Jan~Carter, Deidre Anne~ Chromera velia - a new organism for understanding malaria and related parasitic diseases   $290,000.00
Thomas Ferenci Science, Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Reeves, Peter Richard~Wang, Lei~Ferenci, Thomas~ Variation in bacterial genomic mutation rates   $330,000.00
Philip William Kuchel Science, Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Kuchel, Philip William~ Electro-active and migratory peptides in lipid bilayers: NMR and biophysical studies   $480,000.00
Joel Peter Mackay Science, Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Mackay, Joel Peter~ New mechanisms of DNA recognition by zinc-finger domains   $420,000.00
Joel Peter Mackay Science, Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Crossley, Paul Merlin~Mackay, Joel Peter~ A new mechanism of gene regulation   $670,000.00
Jacqueline Mary Matthews Science, Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Matthews, Jacqueline Mary~ Cracking the LIM-code- Transcription factor networks in development biology   $435,000.00
Hannah Rosemary Nicholas Science, Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Crossley, Paul Merlin~Nicholas, Hannah Rosemary~ The transcriptional co-repressor C-terminal Binding Protein (CtBP) as a regulator of fat storage   $290,000.00
Jill Trewhella Science, Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Trewhella, Jill~ Molecular Mechanisms of two-component signal transduction in bacteria   $420,000.00
Peter Michael Waterhouse Science, Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Waterhouse, Peter Michael~ Regulation of Plant Development by Small RNAs   $720,000.00
Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn Science, Physics Asplund, Martin~Freeman, Kenneth~Kellar, Stefan~Bland-Hawthorn, Jonathan~ Galactic Archaeology: a Challenge for the Cold Dark Matter Paradigm   $510,000.00
Shamibrata Chatterjee Science, Physics Gaensler, Bryan Malcolm~Chatterjee, Shamibrata~ Snap, Crackle, Pop: Opening the Window on the Variable Radio Universe Shamibrata Chatterjee/ QE11 $876,000.00
Andrew Mark Hopkins Science, Physics Bland-Hawthorn, Jonathan~Hopkins, Andrew Mark~ The mass assembly of galaxies and structure in the universe   $290,000.00
Stuart Dale Jackson Science, Physics Jackson, Stuart Dale~ Microfibre photonics: function densification on a wavelength scale Stuart Jackson/ QE11 $580,000.00
Manfred Lenzen Science, Physics Lenzen, Manfred~ A Triple Bottom Line Accounting Framework for the World Economy   $315,000.00
David James Moss Science, Physics Moss, David James~ Silicon All-Optical Nanophotonic Devices for 160Gb/s Systems   $370,000.00
Catherine Stampfl Science, Physics Stampfl, Catherine~ First-principles Engineering of Advanced Multicomponent Materials for clean, Energy Efficient Thermoelectric and Catalytic Technologies   $370,000.00
Justin Andrew Harris Science, Psychology Arabzadeh, Ehsan~Clifford, Colin W.G.~Harris, Justin Andrew~ Peripheral and central mechanisms of sensory coding and integration   $445,000.00
Pauline M. Howie Science, Psychology Howie, Pauline M.~ Repeated questions in children's event recall: Testing competing explanations   $198,000.00
Iain McGregor Science, Psychology McGregor, Iain~ Models of adolescent drug use and its consequences Iain McGregor/ APF $694,000.00
Fiona White Science, Psychology Abu-Rayya, Hisham~White, Fiona~ Cooperative duel identity: A new approach to promote ethnic harmony between Muslim and Non-Muslim Australians   $100,000.00