Successful ARC Discovery Projects 2010

CI Full Name Faculty
Investigator(s) All Project Title Fellowship/Type Awarded Total
Dong, Andy  Architecture -
Architecture & Design
Yang, Maria~Dong, Andy~ The mathematics and language of engineering uncertainty, preference and utility   $297,007
Hartwig, Andrew  Arts - Ancient History Hartwig, Andrew Plato Comicus and Greek comedy: a study of his dramatic career Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 75:25%/ Andrew Hartwig $258,000
Fletcher, Roland  Arts - Archaeology Ang, Choulean~Li, Baoping~Miksic, John Norman~Pottier, Christophe~Riegel, Jeffrey~Stark, Miriam~Fletcher, Roland Greater Angkor - from ancestry to abandonment: the growth, daily life and transformation of the suburbs of Angkor   $907,493
Gibbs, Martin  Arts - Archaeology Gibbs, Martin Beyond the New World: A 16th century Spanish colony and its impact on indigenous populations in the Solomon Islands   $197,000
Roberts, Mary  Arts - Art History & Theory Roberts, Mary Peripheral Horizons: Reinterpreting Orientalist visual culture through a comparative study of women's Orientalism in Australia, the USA and Europe, 1855-1914   $229,000
Csapo, Eric  Arts - Classics Nervegna, Sebastiana ~Green, JR~Robinson, Ted~Wilson, Peter [Peter James]~Csapo, Eric The Theatrical Revolution: The Expansion of Theatre Outside Athens Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 75:25%/ Sebastiana Nervegna $830,000
Clunies Ross, Margaret  Arts - English Clunies Ross, Margaret Pre-Christian Religions of the North: A History of Research and Reception   $357,000
Lusty, Natalya  Arts - Gender & Cultural Studies Groth, Helen~Lusty, Natalya Dreams: A Cultural History, 1840-1940   $180,000
Goldsmith, Benjamin  Arts - Government & International Relations Sowmya, Arcot~Goldsmith, Benjamin Political Institutions, War, and Peace: Global and Regional Dynamics   $256,000
Christopher, Emma  Arts - History Christopher, Emma Slavery, Freedom and Colonial Development: Robert Bostock and his legacy Australian Research Fellowship (ARF) 100%/ Dr Emma Christopher $710,000
Curran, James  Arts - History Curran, James Australian/American Relations in the Era of the New Nationalism   $60,000
Hilliard, Christopher  Arts - History Hilliard, Christopher The Politics of Reading: Citizenship, Law, and Literacy in England, 1867-1960 Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship (QEII) 50:50%/ Chris Hilliard $339,000
Thomas, Martin  Arts - History Barwick, Linda~Marett, Allan John~Thomas, Martin Intercultural inquiry in a trans-national context: Exploring the legacy of the 1948 Arnhem Land Expedition   $704,000
White, Richard  Arts - History White, Richard Touring the past: tourism and history in Australia 1850-2010   $165,800
Suter, Rebecca  Arts - Japanese Studies Suter, Rebecca Creative Misreadings of Christianity in Modern Japanese Literature and Popular Culture.   $137,000
Fitzpatrick, Timothy  Arts - Performance Studies Ginters, Laura~Golder, John~Stern, Tiffany~Fitzpatrick, Timothy Rehearsal without a Director: Rethinking Theatre History   $88,500
Gaukroger, Stephen  Arts - Philosophy Waldow, Anik~Gaukroger, Stephen The rise of empiricism and the attempt to produce a unified understanding of the world, 1680-1750   $273,000
Babones, Salvatore  Arts - Sociology & Social Policy Babones, Salvatore Globalisation and the Global Income Distribution in Times of Stability and in Times of Crisis   $125,000
Winter, Timothy  Arts - Sociology & Social Policy Winter, Timothy The Role of Cultural Heritage in Conflict Transformation Societies   $81,000
Slonim, Robert  Economics - Economics Slonim, Robert Field experiments motivated by behavioral economics to understand prosocial behaviour and improve blood supply   $392,711
Shields, John  Economics - Work & Organisational Studies Brown, Michelle~Long, Richard J~O'Donnell, Michael~Perkins, Stephen John~Scott, Dow~Shields, John Pay Alignment: Fact or Fallacy?   $174,000
Denson, Nida Education - Education & Social Work Denson, Nida~Denson, Nida Maximising the benefits of diversity in university through cross-cultural interaction Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 75:25%/ Dr Nida Denson $328,000
Jacobson, Michael  Education - Education & Social Work Hu, Chun~Kapur, Manu~Richards, Deborah~Taylor, Charlotte~Jacobson, Michael Multi-user Virtual Environments and Research into the Learning and Transfer of Scientific Knowledge and Inquiry Skills   $350,000
Li, Qing  Engineering - Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Li, Qing Topology Optimisation of Periodic Structures for Stent Design   $300,000
Li, Wei  Engineering - Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Swain, Michael~Li, Wei Topography optimization of implants for enhancing osseointegration Australian Research Fellowship (ARF) 100%/ Wei Li $600,000
Masri, Assaad  Engineering - Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Bilger, Robert ~Mastorakos, Epaminondas~Masri, Assaad Strongly Transient Processes in Turbulent Combustion   $653,555
Pizarro, Oscar  Engineering - Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Jakuba, Michael ~Williams, Stefan ~Pizarro, Oscar Cost-effective autonomous technologies for long term monitoring of marine protected areas Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship (QEII) 100%/ Dr Oscar Pizarro $798,000
Tanner, Roger  Engineering - Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Tanner, Roger Modelling soft viscoelastic solids   $400,000
Montoya Escobar, Alejandro  Engineering - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Harris, Andrew ~Haynes, Brian ~Montoya Escobar, Alejandro Establishing the pathways of biomass decomposition in hot compressed water   $200,000
Valix, Marjorie  Engineering - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng McKay, Gordon~Valix, Marjorie Underlying mechanisms of e-waste bioleaching and hydropyrolysis   $410,000
Einav, Itai  Engineering - Civil Engineering Rognon, Pierre~Vardoulakis, Ioannis~Einav, Itai~ Shear heating in granular materials: micromechanics of thermal conduction and production   $442,000
Nguyen, Giang  Engineering - Civil Engineering Nguyen, Giang A computational approach to fracture of quasi-brittle materials across the scales   $280,000
Jamalipour, Abbas  Engineering - Electrical Engineering Munasinghe, Kumudu~Jamalipour, Abbas Eco-NextNet: An Ecologically-Inspired Adaptive Network Resource Management Framework for a Sustainable Next Generation Mobile Network for Ubiquitous Services Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 75:25%/ Kumudu Munasinghe $285,000
Simpson, Stephen  Engineering - Electrical Engineering Simpson, Stephen Guaranteeing the safety of short welds in automotive applications   $310,000
Vucetic, Branka  Engineering - Electrical Engineering Zhou, Kyle ~Vucetic, Branka Network code division multiplexing in multi-system wireless networks Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 100%/ Zhendong Zhou $360,000
Charleston, Michael  Engineering - Schl Information Technologies Charleston, Michael Modelling disease evolution and emergence   $290,000
Curran, James  Engineering - Schl Information Technologies Curran, James Parsing the web: exploiting redundancy to understand language Australian Research Fellowship (ARF) 100%/ Dr James Curran $362,000
Fekete, Alan  Engineering - Schl Information Technologies Scholz, Bernhard~Fekete, Alan~ Computing with nearly-consistent data   $280,000
Feng, Dagan  Engineering - Schl Information Technologies Eberl, Stefan~Fulham, Michael~Feng, Dagan Large scale knowledge and image based biomedical modelling and derivation of PET-CT disease maps and treatment response   $610,000
Zomaya, Albert  Engineering - Schl Information Technologies Zomaya, Albert Holistic Energy–Aware Scheduling for Distributed Computing Systems Australian Professorial Fellowship (APF) 50:50%/ Prof Albert Zomaya $930,000
Zomaya, Albert  Engineering - Schl Information Technologies Zhou, Bing ~Zomaya, Albert Replica placement in data-intensive distributed computing systems   $250,000
Kendig, Hal  Health Sciences - Health Sciences Faculty Office Byles, Julie~Nazroo, James~Kendig, Hal Socio-economic determinants and health inequalities over the life course: Australian and British experiences   $565,000
Fulton, Roger  Health Sciences - Medical Radiation Sciences Baldock, Clive~Herzog, Hans Rudolf~Shah, Nadim Joni~Wang, Shih-chang~Fulton, Roger~ Novel Motion Correction Technologies for Simultaneous Positron Emission Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging   $180,000
Apps, Patricia  Law - Law
Booth, Alison Lee~Breunig, Robert Vincent~Rees, Ray~van Soest, Arthur~Apps, Patricia Taxation, family policy and pension reform in an uncertain economy   $580,000
Black, Celeste  Law - Law Burns, Lee~Milne, Janet~Black, Celeste~ The design and application of taxation laws to domestic and cross-border transactions triggered by carbon emissions trading schemes   $217,000
Irving, Helen  Law - Law Irving, Helen A Comparative Constitutional History of Citizenship Law and Gender   $204,000
Kinley, David  Law - Law Kinley, David Human rights and global finance: Problems and possibilities   $278,000
Lyster, Rosemary  Law - Law Butt, Simon~Peden, Elisabeth~Stephens, Timothy~Lyster, Rosemary Developing a legal framework for Indonesia's participation in an internationally sanctioned scheme for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation (and Degradation)   $222,000
O'Malley, Patrick  Law - Law O'Malley, Patrick Risk, Urban Fire Protection and Security Networks   $255,000
Ittner, Lars  Medicine - Brain & Mind Research Institute Jurgen Gotz, Jurgen~Ittner, Lars Biological functions of the TAR DNA binding protein 43   $480,000
Jurgen Gotz, Jurgen  Medicine - Brain & Mind Research Institute Ittner, Lars~Jurgen Gotz, Jurgen Combinatorial transgenesis to dissect tauopathies   $555,000
Tam, Patrick  Medicine - Brain & Mind Research Institute Tam, Patrick Head and Face Development: Dissecting the gene functions specific to the precursors   $542,000
Marsh, Deborah  Medicine - Brain & Mind Research Institute Marsh, Deborah New insights into mammalian gene transcription - the role of parafibromin   $345,000
Richardson, Desi  Medicine - Pathology: School Medical Sciences Richardson, Desi The Effect of Nitrogen Monoxide on Intracellular Iron Metabolism   $540,000
Allen, David Medicine - Pathology: School Medical Sciences Allen, David Intracellular calcium in intact muscle during fatigue and stretch-induced damage   $285,000
Cook, David  Medicine - Pathology: School Medical Sciences Cook, David Novel kinases - how do they regulate epithelial ion transport, and what is their role in epithelial function?   $225,000
Anderson, Craig Medicine - The George Institute for International Health Anderson, Craig The Burden of Epilepsy Study: Impact on well-being, service use and economic outcomes   $248,000
Dickman, Christopher  Science - Biological Sciences Wardle, Glenda~Dickman, Christopher~ Dynamic networks in a patchy landscape: will species interactions adjust to increased climatic extremes?   $510,000
Lo, Nathan  Science - Biological Sciences Lo, Nathan The evolution of caste determination systems in termites Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship (QEII) 100%/ Dr Nathan Lo $810,000
Vergoz, Vanina Marie Science - Biological Sciences Vergoz, Vanina Marie~ The role of dopamine in the regulation of worker sterility in the honey bee Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 100%/ Vanina Vergoz $265,000
Crossley, Maxwell  Science - Chemistry Crossley, Maxwell Tailored Porphyrins for Nanoscience Applications   $450,000
Hambley, Trevor  Science - Chemistry Kassiou, Michael~Hambley, Trevor Radiolabelled MMP Binding Agents for the Identification, Quantification, and Targeting of MMPs in CNS Disorders and Tumours   $429,000
Kable, Scott  Science - Chemistry Bowman, Joel~Osborn, David Lewis~Kable, Scott Roaming around the Transition State: A New Mechanism of Chemical Reactions   $400,000
Kennedy, Brendan  Science - Chemistry Kennedy, Brendan Complex Phenomena and Phase Transitions in Ferroric Perovskites   $370,000
Kepert, Cameron  Science - Chemistry Letard, Jean-Francois~Murray, Keith~Steel, Peter~Kepert, Cameron Spin Switching in Nanoporous, Nanomolecular and Multifunctional Hybrid Systems   $880,000
Lay, Peter  Science - Chemistry Lay, Peter Design and Mechanistic Studies of Metal-Based Anti-Diabetic Drugs   $450,000
Neto, Chiara  Science - Chemistry Gamble, Jennifer ~Neto, Chiara New Surfaces for the Control of Endothelial Cell Function: Application in the Design of Biocompatible Stents   $270,000
Payne, Richard  Science - Chemistry Stone, Martin Jeremy~Payne, Richard Solid-Phase Synthesis of Sulfopeptides for Evaluation of Chemokine-Receptor Recognition   $480,000
Perrier, Sebastien  Science - Chemistry Perrier, Sebastien Sustainable polymers from Smart Cellulose   $320,000
Radom, Leo  Science - Chemistry Radom, Leo Hydrogen Bonding, Hydrogen Transfer, Hydrogenation and Hydrogenolysis: A Computational Quantum Chemistry Investigation Australian Professorial Fellowship (APF) 50:50%/ Professor Leo Radom $420,728
Widmer-Cooper, Asaph Nathan Science - Chemistry Widmer-Cooper, Asaph~Widmer-Cooper, Asaph Nathan~ Soft modes in glasses: chemical control of relaxation and mechanical response Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 100%/ Dr Asaph Nathan Widmer-Cooper $274,000
Pols, Hans  Science - History & Philosophy of Science Pols, Hans Health and Medicine in the Dutch East Indies: Medical Research, Health Programs, and Colonial Networks of Mediation   $127,000
Cannon, John  Science - Mathematics & Statistics Carlson, Jon F~Holt, Derek~Cannon, John Constructive Module Theory for Algebras   $300,000
Ewald, Christian  Science - Mathematics & Statistics Ewald, Christian~ On aspects of Asian options   $150,000
Gottwald, Georg  Science - Mathematics & Statistics Gottwald, Georg Stochastic Methods in Mathematical Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Australian Research Fellowship (ARF) 50:50%/ Georg Gottwald $400,000
Jayaswal, Vivek  Science - Mathematics & Statistics Jayaswal, Vivek Statistical analysis of multi-source microarray data for building gene regulatory networks Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 100%/ Dr Vivek Jayaswal $251,000
Paunescu, Laurentiu  Science - Mathematics & Statistics Paunescu, Laurentiu The canonical stratification of jet spaces   $150,000
Allen, Robert Silas Science - Molecular & Microbial Bioscience Allen, Robert Silas Discovery of novel microRNA biogenesis and functional components Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 100%/ Robert Allen $240,546
Newsome, Timothy  Science - Molecular & Microbial Bioscience Diefenbach, Russell ~Newsome, Timothy The fate of single virus particles during infection   $315,000
Sunde, Margaret  Science - Molecular & Microbial Bioscience Kwan, Ann ~Yang, Wenrong ~Sunde, Margaret Exploiting the self-assembly of hydrophobin proteins to engineer functional nanostructuring surfaces   $330,000
Weiss, Anthony  Science - Molecular & Microbial Bioscience Weiss, Anthony Tropoelastin: functional analysis of the cell interactive domain   $450,000
Argyros, Alexander  Science - Physics Argyros, Alexander Microstructured polymer waveguides for Terahertz radiation Australian Research Fellowship (ARF) 100%/ Dr Alexander Argyros $590,000
Bedding, Timothy  Science - Physics Bedding, Timothy Testing stellar physics using asteroseismology   $300,000
Cairns, Iver  Science - Physics Cairns, Iver Solar Radio Bursts, the Origin and Properties of the Sun's Corona and Solar Wind, and Space Weather   $405,000
de Sterke, Carel  Science - Physics de Sterke, Carel Frozen linear and nonlinear light   $300,000
Domachuk, Peter Science - Physics Domachuk, Peter~ Silk Fibroin Optofluidic Chips Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 75:25%/ Dr Domachuk $445,000
Eggleton, Benjamin  Science - Physics Pant, Ravi~Eggleton, Benjamin~ Stimulating light scattering in periodic structures: How slow can it go? Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 100%/ Dr Ravi Pant $370,000
Ireland, Michael  Science - Physics Ireland, Michael How many bright stars of the night sky harbour planets?   $310,000
Kuyucak, Serdar  Science - Physics Ryan, Renae~Vandenberg, Robert~Kuyucak, Serdar Mechanism of glutamate transport from experimental and simulation studies   $420,000
Leon-Saval, Sergio  Science - Physics Leon-Saval, Sergio Light-matter interactions in nanoparticle-doped microstructured polymer fibres Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 100%/ Sergio Leon-Saval $285,000
McCamey, Dane Robert Science - Physics McCamey, Dane Robert~ Spins in Organic Semiconductors Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) 100%/ Dr Dane McCamey $360,000
McKenzie, David  Science - Physics Bilek, Marcela~Yasuda, Hirotsugu~dos Remedios, Cristobal ~McKenzie, David Surface immobilisation of enzymes for the synthesis of ethanol   $680,000
Reilly, David  Science - Physics Doherty, Andrew C~Reilly, David Quantum control of decoherence in mesoscopic spin systems   $360,000
Reilly, David  Science - Physics Krueger, Anke~Rabeau, James R~Reilly, David Biomedical imaging with spins in nanoparticles: from single cell to whole-body scanning   $600,000
Sadler, Elaine  Science - Physics Croom, Scott~Sadler, Elaine Relativistic jets and radio-mode feedback in massive galaxies   $410,000
Varvell, Kevin  Science - Physics Varvell, Kevin An Australian Program in Precision Flavour Physics   $300,000
Penny, Daniel  Science - School of Geosciences Buckley, Brendan Martin~Hua, Quan~Penny, Daniel Thresholds and hysteresis: how do abrupt changes in the Asian monsoon affect ecosystems and environmental processes?   $285,000
Pritchard, Bill 
Science - School of Geosciences Bandaralage, Jayatilleke Semasinghe~Parasuraman, S~Rammohan, Anu ~Sekher, Madhushree~Pritchard, Bill Institutions for Food Security: Global Lessons from Rural India   $255,000
Webster, Jody  Science - School of Geosciences Dutton, Andrea~Esat, Tezer Mehmet~Fallon, Stewart John~McGregor, Helen Victoria~Tudhope, Alexander William~Yokoyama, Yusuke~Webster, Jody [Jody Michael]~ IODP drilling of the Great barrier Reef: unlocking the causes, rates and consequences of abrupt sea level and climate change   $372,000
Anderson, Bart Science - School of Psychology Fleming, Roland~Kim, Juno~Anderson, Bart The perception of surfaces and materials   $430,729
Gonsalkorale, Karen  Science - School of Psychology Brewer, Marilynn~Gonsalkorale, Karen The role of social identity complexity in the success of interethnic contact   $290,000
Harris, Justin  Science - School of Psychology Harris, Justin Probability and Timing in Associative Learning   $548,000