Successful ARC Discovery Projects 2011


Chief investigator School
All investigators
Total funding
Kertesz, Michael  Agriculture Kertesz, Michael  Microbial sulfatases in the rhizosphere and their control by interactions with plants. $310,000.00


Chief investigator
All investigators
Total funding
de Dear, Richard  Architecture Plan & Allied Art de Dear, Richard  Field Survey of Residential Air Conditioning and Comfort in Australia $116,000.00
Gurran, Nicole  Architecture Plan & Allied Art MacDonald, Heather~Peters, Alan~Phibbs, Peter J~Rowley, Steven~Gurran, Nicole Measuring the impact of urban regulation on housing affordability in Australian cities and regions $275,000.00


Chief investigator School
All investigators
Project title
Polkinghorne, Martin  School of Languages & Cultures Brown, Robert L, Douglas, Janet G;Hab, Touch Pottier, Christophe; Polkinghorne, Martin  The Ateliers of Angkor; Sculpture Workshops of an Empire (Cambodia, 9th to 13th centuries CE) $285,000.00
Byron, Mark  School of Letters Arts & Media Byron, Mark  Editing Complex Modernist Texts: A Methodological Study $79,000.00
Christie, William  School of Letters Arts & Media Christie, William  The Modern Athenians: Francis Jeffrey's Edinburgh Review (1802-1829) in the 'Knowledge Economy' of the Early Nineteenth Century $180,000.00
Giles, Paul School of Letters Arts & Media Giles, Paul Antipodean America: Australasia, Colonialism, and the Constitution of U.S. Literature $105,000.00
Parsons, Nicola  School of Letters Arts & Media Parsons, Nicola  Eliza Haywood & Daniel Defoe: Gender, Genre and Nation in the Eighteenth-Century Novel $91,338.00
O'Reilly, Dougald  School of Philosophical & Historical Inquiry Chhem, Rethy; Domett, Kathryn; Evans, Damian [Damian Harold];Halcrow, Sian Ellen;Higham, Charles;Higham, Thomas F.G.;Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth;Pryce, Thomas Oliver;Shewan, Louise;O'Reilly, Dougald From Paddy to Pura: The Origins of Angkor $340,000.00
McCalman, Iain  School of Philosophical & Historical Inquiry McCalman, Iain  Redeeming the Great Barrier Reef. Science, Romanticism and Indigenous Knowledge in the Cultural and Ecological History of the Reef, c.1850-1950. $180,000.00
McKenzie, Kirsten  School of Philosophical & Historical Inquiry McKenzie, Kirsten  Personal Liberty, British Identity and Surveillance in the Antipodes, 1780s - 1830s $155,000.00
Pybus, Cassandra  School of Philosophical & Historical Inquiry Candlin, Kit;Pybus, Cassandra Enterprising Women: Race, Gender and Power in the Revolutionary Atlantic, 1770-1820 $302,000.00
White, Shane  School of Philosophical & Historical Inquiry Garton, Stephen;Robertson, Stephen [Stephen Murray];White, Shane Year of the Riot: Harlem, 1935 $702,000.00
Braddon-Mitchell, David  School of Philosophical & Historical Inquiry Miller, Kristie;Braddon-Mitchell, David Forced choice: non-trivial theoretical difference without difference in content in metaphysics and ethics $575,000.00
Thom, Paul  School of Philosophical & Historical Inquiry Thom, Paul  Critical edition of Robert Kilwardby's commentary on Aristotle's Prior Analytics, with historical / philosophical introduction and analytical notes $122,000.00
Gill, Graeme  School of Social & Political Sciences Gill, Graeme  Strategies for the Stabilisation of Authoritarian Rule: Russia in Comparative Perspective $180,000.00

Economics and Business

Chief investigator
School All investigators
Project title
Total funding
Anderson, Edward  Operations Management and Econometrics Anderson, Edward  Competitive supplier bidding in supply chains $172,508.00
Hensher, David  Transport & Logistics Hensher, David  Assessment of the Commuter's Willingness to Pay a Congestion Charge under Alternative Pricing Regimes and Revenue Disbursement Plans $426,444.00
Patmore, Gregory  Work & Organisational Studies Patmore, Gregory  Non-Union Employee Representation in the Workplace: Debates and Practice in Australia, Canada, Germany the UK and the US 1914-1939 $135,000.00
Wright, Christopher  Work & Organisational Studies Dunford, Richard~Grant, David [David Stephen]~Nyberg, Daniel~Wright, Christopher Sustainable organisational change: Australian business responses to climate change $190,000.00

Education and Social Work

Chief investigator School
All investigators
Total funding
Connell, Raewyn  Education & Social Work Connell, Raewyn  The making of market society on a world scale: social experience and social theory from the global south $350,000.00
O'Dea, Jennifer  Education & Social Work Dibley, Michael~Hossain, Liaquat~O'Dea, Jennifer An Investigation of Ethnicity, Socio-Economic Status and Social Networks as Drivers of Childhood Obesity and Body Image Among Children and Adolescents $451,625.00

Electron Microscope

Chief investigator
All investigators
Total funding
Cairney, Julie  Electron Microscope Gianola, Daniel~Cairney, Julie  Quantifying the role of impurities in nanocrystalline metals $420,000.00


Chief investigator
Al investigators Project
Total funding
Kirkpatrick, Michael  Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Armfield, Steven~Lin, Wenxian~Kirkpatrick, Michael~ The Dynamics of Turbulent Entrainment in Sheared Convective Boundary Layers $350,000.00
Li, Qing  Faculty of Engineering/Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Zhou, Shiwei~Li, Qing Topology Optimisation? An Engineering Approach to Design of Metamaterials $210,000.00
Masri, Assaad  Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Masri, Assaad  Towards a Unified View of Clean Turbulent Combustion $1,250,000.00
Tanner, Roger  Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Fan, Xijun~Tanner, Roger Rheology of suspensions with viscoelastic matrices $360,000.00
Tong, Liyong  Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Tong, Liyong  Design of compliant structure systems with integrated actuators $290,000.00
Wang, Yanbo  Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Wang, Yanbo  Effects of grain size on the deformation mechanisms and mechanical properties of Gum Metals (Ti alloys) $255,000.00
Williamson, Nicholas  Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Williamson, Nicholas  Purging and destratifying of thermal and saline pools in Australia's inland rivers $301,400.00
Ye, Lin  Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Fan, Jintu~Ye, Lin  Fibrous fabric with directional transplanar transport properties for moisture and water $360,000.00
Douillard, Bertrand  Aust Centre Field Robotics Fox, Dieter~Douillard, Bertrand  Multi-Scale Recognition: Generating Meaning from Mutli-Resolution Data $255,000.00
Hancock, Gregory  Civil Engineering Pham, Cao~Hancock, Gregory  Direct strength method of design of simple and complex thin-walled shapes for combined actions $280,000.00
Nguyen, Giang  Civil Engineering Rognon, Pierre~Nguyen, Giang The micro mechanics of faulting and fluid flow in porous reservoir rocks $308,100.00
Rasmussen, Kim  Civil Engineering Ellingwood, Bruce~Zhang, Hao~Rasmussen, Kim~ System reliability-based criteria for designing steel structures by advanced analysis $253,000.00
Jin, Craig  Electrical Engineering Tew, Anthony~Van Schaik, Andre ~Jin, Craig Mapping ear morphology to individualised 3D audio $330,000.00
Louie, Raymond  Electrical Engineering Louie, Raymond  Design of future cognitive radio relay networks $255,000.00
McEwan, Alistair  Electrical Engineering McEwan, Alistair  Individually addressable, active, multipoint electrodes for bio-potential recording and electrical impedance imaging. $188,400.00
Yi, Xiaoke  Electrical Engineering Minasian, Robert~Yi, Xiaoke New multi-function wideband microwave and radio frequency signal conditioning based on photonic approaches $550,000.00
Eades, Peter  Schl Information Technologies Eades, Peter  Algorithms for geometric Turan-type Problems and Network Visualization $300,000.00

Health Sciences

Chief investigator
All investigators
Total funding
Seizova-Cajic, Tatjana  Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health Birznieks, Ingvars~Seizova-Cajic, Tatjana  Adaptation and after effects in perception of tactile motion $160,000.00
Westbrook, Johanna  Health Informatics Duffield, Christine~Dunsmuir, William~Westbrook, Johanna  Advancing understanding of health professionals' work and communication patterns and the effectiveness of work reform initiatives $512,051.00
Bell, Jason  Health Sciences Faculty Office Bell, Jason  Decoding the process of holistic shape encoding in the human visual system (Jason Bell - McGill University, Canada) $254,138.00
Broom, Alexander  Health Sciences Faculty Office Adams, Jon~Refshauge, Kathryn~Sibbritt, David~Broom, Alexander Navigating back pain care: a sociological study of women's illness pathways within and between intersecting social worlds $391,622.00
Wedgwood, Nikki  Health Sciences Faculty Office Llewellyn, Gwynnyth~Shuttleworth, Russell~Wedgwood, Nikki Disability and ability: how young people with impairments make the transition to adulthood $285,000.00
Fulton, Roger  Medical Radiation Sciences Herzog, Hans Rudolf~Shah, Nadim Joni~Wang, Shih-chang~Fulton, Roger Novel technologies for motion-compensated simultaneous Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging $390,000.00
Meikle, Steven  Medical Radiation Sciences Reinhard, Mark~Weisenberger, Andrew G~Meikle, Steven Novel imaging technologies for continuous measurement of tracer kinetics in awake animals $350,000.00


Chief investigator
All investigators
Project Total funding
Butt, Simon  Law Butt, Simon  Indonesia's Constitutional Court: Safeguarding Democratic Transition? $300,000.00
Johns, Fleur  Law Boer, Bernhard~Hirsch, Philip~Saul, Benjamin~Johns, Fleur~ Mekong Laws: Scales, Sites and Impacts of ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Law in Mekong River Basin Governance $300,000.00
Mason, Gail  Law Mason, Gail  Hate Crime Laws and Justice $164,338.00
Sadurski, Wojciech  Law Sadurski, Wojciech~Krygier, Martin~Czarnota, Adam  1989 and the Rule of Law Revolutions $300,000.00
Twomey, Anne  Law Twomey, Anne  A comparative study of the prerogative and reserve powers in Commonwealth nations $80,000.00

Sydney Medical School

Chief investigator School All investigators Project title Total funding
Mills, Catherine  Central Clinical School Stephenson, Niamh;Mills, Catherine  Ultrasound, embodiment and abortion: An analysis of foetal imaging and the ethics of the selective termination of pregnancy $193,000.00
Mrass, Paulus  Central Clinical School Weninger, Wolfgang;Mrass, Paulus Real-time Analysis of Tumour-Infiltrating T Cells Using Novel Analytical Tools $340,000.00
Byrne, Maria  School of Medical Sciences/Anatomy & Histology: School Medical Sciences Dworjanyn, Symon Anthony;Byrne, Maria  Impact of climate change stressors on calcifying and non-calcifying marine life stages: predicting tipping points for persistence in a changing ocean $378,000.00
Balleine, Bernard  School of Medical Sciences/Brain & Mind Research Institute Christie, Macdonald;Balleine, Bernard  Action-related learning and plasticity in the cortico-striatal network $360,000.00
Carlile, Simon  School of Medical Sciences/Physiology: School Medical Sciences Carlile, Simon  The effect of multi-sensory and sensory-motor training on auditory accommodation $270,000.00
Maghzal, Ghassan  School of Medical Sciences/School of Medical Sciences Office Chang, Chris;Maghzal, Ghassan  Novel mass spectrometry methods to assess cellular oxidative stress $300,000.00
Ivers, Rebecca  Sydney Medical School/The George Institute for International Health Clapham, Kathleen Frances;Gruen, Russell Lindsay;Harrison, James Edward;Martiniuk, Alexandra ;Senserrick, Teresa;Ivers, Rebecca; Road safety and Aboriginal people $374,082.00
Keay, Lisa  Sydney Medical School/The George Institute for International Health Boufous, Soufiane;Ivers, Rebecca;Keay, Lisa; Evaluation of a program to enable older, at-risk drivers to stop or limit driving, but maintain mobility $431,828.00
Rizos, Helen  Western Clinical School/Medicine: Western CS Rizos, Helen  Characterisation of p14ARF intracellular trafficking pathways $300,000.00


Chief investigator
All investigators
Total funding
Chan, Kim  Pharmacy Yang, Runyu~Chan, Kim  Developing novel aerosol inhalers for pulmonary drug delivery from the fundamental understanding of powder dispersion mechanisms $255,000.00


Chief investigator
All investigators
Total funding
Chalmers, Alan  History & Philosophy of Sci Chalmers, Alan  The Scientific Revolution: Mechanisation of the World Picture or the Emergence of Science as opposed to a World Picture? $60,000.00
Ho, Simon  School of Biological Sciences Ho, Simon  Estimating evolutionary time-scales using genomic data: Exploiting opportunities and meeting challenges $622,336.00
Latty, Tanya  School of Biological Sciences Latty, Tanya  Tracking moving targets: dynamic foraging in ants and slime moulds $267,130.00
D'Alessandro, Deanna  School of Chemistry D'Alessandro, Deanna  Conducting Nanoporous Materials: toward Molecular Devices $788,000.00
Hambley, Trevor  School of Chemistry Metzler-Nolte, Nils~Hambley, Trevor  Development of prodrug strategies for achieving increased penetration and selective activation in solid tumours $360,000.00
Jolliffe, Katrina  School of Chemistry Jolliffe, Katrina  New Synthetic Receptors for Selective Recognition and Sensing of Biologically Important Anions $420,000.00
Karton, Amir  Faculty of Science/School of Chemistry Karton, Amir  The role pf hypohalous acids and related oxidants in the oxidative damage of biological systems: a computational investigation $245,538.00
Kassiou, Michael  School of Chemistry Rendina, Louis~Kassiou, Michael~ The Development of Carboranes as New Agents in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Disease $420,000.00
Kennedy, Brendan  School of Chemistry Ling, Christopher~Vladislav, Kharton~Withers, Ray Leslie~Kennedy, Brendan~ Crystal-chemical tuning of order and disorder: a strategy for the discovery of novel solid state ionic conductors $480,000.00
Neto, Chiara  School of Chemistry Hendy, Shaun C~Neto, Chiara  Tailoring surface properties to maximise boundary slip for microfluidic applications $250,000.00
Perrier, Sebastien  School of Chemistry Hamley, Ian William~Jolliffe, Katrina~Perrier, Sebastien Polymer-Functionalised Nanotubes: Controlled Formation by Self-Assembly $360,000.00
Reimers, Jeffrey  School of Chemistry Reimers, Jeffrey  Chemical physics for nanotechnology and biotechnology $420,000.00
Schmidt, Timothy  School of Chemistry Conibeer, Gavin John~Schmidt, Timothy  Photochemical upconversion for third generation photovoltaic devices $330,000.00
Atkinson, James  School of Mathematics & Statistics Atkinson, James  Algebraic interpretations of discrete integrable equations $246,000.00
Dancer, Edward  School of Mathematics & Statistics Dancer, Edward  Stable and Finite Morse index solutions and peak solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations $350,000.00
Dullin, Holger  School of Mathematics & Statistics Joshi, Nalini~Dullin, Holger Geometry and Analysis of Discrete Integrable Systems $300,000.00
Lehrer, Gus  School of Mathematics & Statistics Lehrer, Gus  Flag varieties and configuration spaces in algebra $360,000.00
Mathas, Andrew  School of Mathematics & Statistics Brundan, Jonathan~Mathas, Andrew  Graded representations of Hecke algebras $409,000.00
Molev, Alexander  School of Mathematics & Statistics Molev, Alexander  Vertex algebras and representations of quantum groups $330,000.00
Parkinson, James  School of Mathematics & Statistics Kamnitzer, Joel~Parkinson, James  The geometry and combinatorics of loop groups $143,200.00
Thomas, Anne  School of Mathematics & Statistics Thomas, Anne~Capdeboscq, Inna  Lattices in locally compact groups $276,740.00
Wechselberger, Martin  School of Mathematics & Statistics Jones, Christopher~Pettet, Graeme~Wechselberger, Martin  A geometric theory for travelling waves in advection-reaction-diffusion models $255,000.00
Zhang, Zhou  School of Mathematics & Statistics Zhang, Zhou  Topological and Analytic Aspects of the Kaehler-Ricci Flow $67,680.00
Cordwell, Stuart  School of Molecular Bioscience Cordwell, Stuart  The role of N-linked protein glycosylation in Campylobacter jejuni $300,000.00
Downard, Kevin  School of Molecular Bioscience Downard, Kevin  Proteotyping for the Rapid Identification of Pandemic Influenza $500,000.00
Kuchel, Philip  School of Molecular Bioscience Naumann, Christoph~Kuchel, Philip Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) of molecules and cells in media with 'tunable' anisotropy: high rank-spins, z-spectra, (pro)chiral discrimination, peptide L-to-D isomerase $830,000.00
Matthews, Jacqueline  School of Molecular Bioscience Cubeddu, Liza~Matthews, Jacqueline Inhibiting protein-protein interactions involved in neural development and disease $420,000.00
Bilek, Marcela  School of Physics Helmersson, Ulf~Lattemann, Martina~McCulloch, Dougal Gordon~Bilek, Marcela  New generation pulsed magnetron sputtering: enhancing ionisation and deposition rate $480,000.00
Cairns, Iver  School of Physics Robinson, Peter~Cairns, Iver Integrated data-tested theory and modeling of type III solar radio emissions $330,000.00
Farrell, Sean A School of Physics Farrell, Sean A~ Hyper-luminous X-ray sources as the missing link in black hole evolution $280,000.00
Lewis, Geraint  School of Physics Irwin, Michael John~McConnachie, Alan Walker~Lewis, Geraint  Caught in the Act: an unparalleled view of galaxy evolution $270,000.00
McPhedran, Ross  School of Physics Botten, Lindsay~Poulton, Chris~McPhedran, Ross  Beyond metamaterials: new composites for transforming photonics $300,000.00
Moss, David  School of Physics Fainman, Yeshaiahu~Monat, Christelle~Moss, David Breaking the glass ceiling: SiN and doped silica glass for ultra high speed CMOS compatible optical processing and measurement chips $330,000.00
Murphy, Tara  School of Physics Gaensler, Bryan~Murphy, Tara Extreme Events: Mining the Radio Sky for Gamma-ray Bursts with Intelligent Algorithms $480,000.00
Vladimirov, Serguei  School of Physics Kompaneets, Roman~Vladimirov, Serguei Nonlinear surface waves and processes in quantum plasma as future technique for nanoelectronics $230,000.00
Boakes, Robert  School of Psychology Boakes, Robert  The missing calories effect in rats and humans $385,000.00
Holcombe, Alexander  School of Psychology Holcombe, Alexander  Perceiving and tracking human objects $190,000.00
Zadro, Lisa  School of Psychology Devine, Patricia~Gonsalkorale, Karen~Zadro, Lisa Using a cross-national approach to investigate the link between ostracism and interethnic aggression $250,000.00

Veterinary Science

Chief investigator
All investigators
Total funding
Wade, Claire  Veterinary Science Wade, Claire  Improving access to phylogenomic resources for under-resourced species: A new look at existing tools $230,000.00
Belov, Katherine  Veterinary Science Papenfuss, Anthony Troy~Belov, Katherine  Characterization of tumour variants of devil facial tumour disease $510,000.00