Successful ARC Discovery Projects commencing in 2013

Lead Chief Investigator Project Total funding
Dr Ali Abbas Dynamic input adjustment to improve the stability of transient swirling flows in spray dryers $300,000.00
Prof David M Alais Binocular rivalry: a new model to measure it, and a new approach to attention and crossmodal influences $386,236.00
Prof Robert Aldrich Banishing potentates: European colonialists and indigenous rulers in the British and French overseas empires $296,000.00
Prof Barton L Anderson The visual perception of three-dimensional shape, surfaces, and materials $919,000.00
Dr Joanne Arciuli Discovering the developmental trajectory of lexical stress production $185,000.00
Prof Steven W Armfield Conjugate natural convection boundary layers $425,000.00
Dr Sandro F Ataide Understanding the mechanisms that regulate the human signal recognition particle cycle $270,000.00
Prof Stephen D Bartlett Bulk-boundary correspondence in quantum many-body systems $270,000.00
Prof Timothy R Bedding A golden age of stellar astrophysics with Kepler $300,000.00
Prof Roger H Benjamin Orientalism of the Mediterranean shore: art and place from Tunis to Marseille $613,000.00
A/Prof Alison V Betts Kingship, art and cult practice: decoding symbolism in an ancient Central Asian royal city $304,000.00
Dr Michael J Biercuk Frequency standards with breakthrough performance: engineering immunity to local oscillator instabilities using dynamical error suppression $255,000.00
Prof Marcela M Bilek Biomaterials with multifaceted tunability and bio-specificity $385,000.00
Dr Mary E Byrne The role of the ribosome and translation in plant fertility $422,000.00
Prof John J Cannon Constructive Representation Theory $412,000.00
A/Prof Judith A Cashmore How are decisions made in Children's Court care matters and what are the outcomes for children? $265,401.00
Dr Megan Chircop Role of endocytic mechanisms in mammalian cytokinesis $288,000.00
Dr Matthew J Cleary Predictive models for the combustion of multi-component bio-fuels $290,000.00
Em/Prof Margaret B Clunies Ross Poetry of the Nordic past: a new analysis and interpretation $110,000.00
Prof Raewyn Connell Global arenas of knowledge: centre/periphery relations and change in knowledge production on a world scale $596,822.00
Prof David I Cook ZnT-1 regulates store operated calcium channels in salivary gland physiology and pathology $510,000.00
Prof Robert W Dixon Scenes of reading: Australian literature and the world republic of letters $650,000.00
A/Prof Itai Einav Propagating fragmentation waves in granular materials $380,000.00
A/Prof Abbas El-Zein An experimentally-validated thermo-hydro-mechanical theory for waste containment lining systems $285,000.00
Prof Sheila M Fitzpatrick War and displacement: from the Soviet Union to Australia in the wake of the Second World War $477,575.00
Prof Simon C Fleming Teaching old dogs new tricks: making ordinary glass both guide and modulate light in photonic chips $400,000.00
A/Prof Michele T Ford Scaling global labour: the Global Union Federations in Indonesia and India $189,416.00
Prof David S Goodman Economic growth in China's west: the social basis of enterprise development $471,217.00
Prof Anne J Green The Carina Nebula: a massive star factory and the anchor for calibrating extragalactic star formation $330,000.00
Prof Paul E Griffiths A methodological analysis of the application of evolutionary medicine to non-communicable diseases $160,000.00
Prof Justin A Harris Learning whether and learning when: rate and timing in human associative learning $366,000.00
Dr Justin V Hastings Uncovering the organisational dynamics of pirates and maritime terrorists $148,949.00
Prof David J Hill Distributed control for wide-area demand response $340,000.00
Prof David J Hunter Program evaluation of the osteoarthritis awareness hub $440,000.00
A/Prof Lars M Ittner Physiology of tau protein: a novel role in scaffolding and intracellular distribution $375,000.00
Prof Nalini Joshi Critical solutions of nonlinear systems $330,000.00
Prof Scott H Kable Chemistry at the threshold: unusual mechanisms and unexpected products $420,000.00
Prof Sandra Kaji-O'Grady From alchemist's den to science city: architecture and the expression of experimental science $125,000.00
Prof John Keane Democracy at the end of the world: new perspectives on the politics and government of Antarctica $367,631.00
Dr Vincent Laurent The role of inhibitory conditioning in choice and decision-making $435,000.00
Prof Peter A Lay The roles of metal complexes and related metalloproteins in the essential and therapeutic control of diabetes $450,000.00
Prof Andrew M Ledbury Art, theatre and community in eighteenth century France $115,000.00
Prof Manfred Lenzen Unifying global approaches to environmental footprinting $405,000.00
Prof Geraint F Lewis Observing the synthetic universe: revealing the dark cosmos with future telescopes $390,000.00
A/Prof Qing Li Biotransport design for engineering microenvironment in scaffolds $315,000.00
A/Prof Zongwen Liu Atomic-scale structural characterisation of quantum-dot nanostructures for novel photovoltaic applications $380,000.00
Prof Dan P Lovallo Behavioural strategies for selecting innovation projects $333,483.00
Prof Yiu-Wing Mai Multi-functional graphene interleaves in multi-scale carbon fibre reinforced composites $460,000.00
Dr Ian R Manchester Reliable and efficient algorithms for modelling dynamical systems from data $337,000.00
Prof Assaad R Masri Investigations of the atomisation and turbulent combustion of biodiesels $500,000.00
Dr Karl A Maton Pedagogies for knowledge-building: investigating subject-appropriate, cumulative teaching for twenty-first century school classrooms $360,241.00
A/Prof Michael A McDonnell The revolution in Black American life: memory and history in the making of African America $372,132.00
Dr Christopher S McErlean Strigologues: inventing activity-specific plant hormones $340,000.00
A/Prof Phil A McManus Caring for thoroughbreds: addressing social, economic and welfare issues in international horse racing $499,786.00
Ms Frances Muecke The invention of Rome: Biondo Flavio's Roma triumphans and its worlds $282,000.00
Prof Dietmar Muller Understanding the deep driving forces of Earth’s large-scale topography through time $420,000.00
Prof Christopher R Murphy Lively reproduction: do common molecules underlie all vertebrate live birth? $310,000.00
Dr Richard J Payne Development and application of new peptide ligation methods for the synthesis and structure-function studies of glycoproteins $460,000.00
Prof Sebastien Perrier Smart materials from semi-soft particles $420,000.00
Dr Fabio T Ramos Probabilistic graphical models for detecting outbreaks $345,000.00
Prof Peter J Read Judging the past in a post-Cold War world $195,000.00
Prof Paul M Redding Analysis in the idealist tradition: the development of Leibniz's analytic method by Kant and Hegel and its implications for contemporary philosophy $600,000.00
Prof Peter A Robinson Spatiotemporal dynamics and analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging $375,000.00
Prof Elaine M Sadler The birth and rebirth of radio galaxies $315,000.00
Prof Richard Shine Cane toads as a model system for demographic analysis and invasive-species control $450,000.00
Prof Stephen J Simpson Integrating nutritional immunology $432,000.00
Prof Patrick P Tam Molecular function of the ribonucleic acid binding protein RBM47 in embryonic and mature endoderm cells $540,000.00
Prof Frederick C Teiwes The political dynamics of Deng Xiaoping's leadership of China, 1979-1992 $162,278.00
Prof Liyong Tong Understanding multi-scale reinforcement of carbon fibre composites $381,000.00
Prof Branka Vucetic Inter-cell interference modelling and control in future cellular systems $320,000.00
A/Prof Qiying Wang Asymptotics in non-linear cointegrating regression: theory and applications $180,000.00
A/Prof Ashley Ward Leadership matters: the emergence of informed leaders and their influence on group movement $360,000.00
A/Prof Ashley Ward From individual interactions to global patterns: understanding the basis of collective behaviour $126,311.00
Prof Gregory G Warr Functional mesostructured materials in ionic liquids $390,000.00
Prof Shane White The Prince of Darkness: Wall Street's first black millionaire $376,000.00
A/Prof Karen F Willis How Australians navigate the healthcare maze: the differential capacity to choose $268,216.00
A/Prof Paul K Witting The mode of action of the haem protein neuroglobin in protecting nerve cells $265,000.00
Dr Jean Y Yang Vertically integrated statistical modelling in multi-layered omics studies $390,000.00
Prof Albert Y Zomaya Optimising service level agreements for performance and energy efficiency in cloud computing systems $366,000.00