Successful ARC Discovery Projects commencing in 2014

Lead Investigator Project Total Funding
Professor Barton Anderson Contour synthesis: Psychophysics, theory, and levels of explanation $376,000
A/Prof Peter Banks Invasion biology: understanding the mechanisms of naivete towards alien species $422,000
Professor Garry Barrett Human Capital, Cognitive Skills and Labour Market Outcomes $397,000
Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Barton It's a fine line: analytical and experimental optimisation of drawing metal-in-dielectric nanowire composites to manufacture engineered metamaterials $495,000
Professor Alison Bashford Malthus and the New World $118,000
Professor Robert Baxter How the repair of DNA damage is regulated by IGFBP-3, a protein at the crossroads between cell death and survival. $390,000
Professor Madeleine Beekman Intergenomic conflict and the evolution of uniparental inheritance of mitochondria $358,000
Professor Michael Bell Risky Business: Using biological systems to mitigate risk in supply chains and transportation networks $490,000
Professor Katherine Belov From the pouch to the grave: age and sex related changes in immunity in the Tasmanian devil $482,000
Professor Robert Boakes Flavour learning and food consumption in rats and humans: Implications for obesity $480,000
Professor Anita Bundy Leveling the playing field: starting with the school playground $510,000
Professor Iver Cairns Integrated Observation, Theory, and Simulation of Type II Solar Radio Bursts $419,999
Professor John Canning Glass micro and nano smithing of devices and sensors for extreme environments $500,000
Professor William Christie An Open University: Public lecturing in the Romantic period $140,250
A/Prof Rachel Codd Engineered Hydroxamic Acids for Zirconium-89 Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging of Prostate Cancer $370,000
Dr Ilan Dar-Nimrod The Power of Causal Attributions: Genetic Essentialist Biases and Health $280,000
Professor Michael Davies Protein oxidation induced by singlet oxygen and peroxyl radicals and its consequences $330,000
Professor Christopher Dickman Weathering the perfect storm: mitigating the post-fire impacts of invasive predators on small desert vertebrates $980,000
A/Prof Kevin Downard Anthocyanin Inhibitors to the Influenza Virus $400,000
Professor Dagan Feng An individualised virtual functional human body (VFHB) $342,000
Dr Tom Ferenci How evolution is constrained by trade-offs between the multiplication and survival of organisms $342,000
Professor Trevor Hambley Novel platinum (IV) complexes that are targeted to and trapped by tumours and tumour cells $450,000
Professor Peter Harrowell Soft Modes, Amorphous Defects and the Mechanical Properties of Metallic Glasses $330,000
Dr Justin Hasting The World's Most Enterprising Country: North Korea's Survival in the Global Economy $120,000
Professor David Hensher Integrating Attribute Decision Heuristics into Travel Choice Models that accommodate Risk Attitude and Perceptual Conditioning $420,000
A/Prof Alexander Holcombe Multisensory and configural processes in tracking moving targets $423,000
Professor Edward Holmes Defining the evolution of pathogen virulence to enhance rabbit biocontrol $595,000
A/Prof Stuart Jackson Through a glass brightly: opening up the mid-infrared using dysprosium ions $300,000
Professor Katrina Jolliffe Novel Synthetic Receptors for Recognition and Transport of Biologically Important Anions $330,000
Professor Katrina Jolliffe Functional polymeric nanopores from cyclic peptide templates $480,000
Dr Ilona Juraskova From patient-centred to family-centred care: A new conceptual framework and doctor training to involve family caregivers in cancer consultations $335,000
Professor Brendan Kennedy Structural and physical properties of 4d and 5d metal oxides $420,000
Professor Cameron Kepert Multifunctional hybrid spin crossover materials $780,000
Professor Philip Kuchel NMR of enzymic reactions and membrane transport in cells: dynamic nuclear polarization, quadrupolar relaxation, and computer modelling $360,000
Professor Peter Lay Pushing the Boundaries of Multi-modal Biospectroscopic Microscopies $519,790
Professor Jacqueline Matthews Protein-protein interactions in the transcriptional regulation of neural development $363,000
Professor Alexander McBratney A general soil spatial scaling theory $530,536
A/Prof Shae McCrystal Protected Action Ballots and Protected Industrial Action under the Fair Work Act: The Impact of Ballot Procedures on Enterprise Bargaining Processes $318,000
Professor Steven Meikle Next generation positron imaging technologies for contemporaneous measurements of brain function and behaviour in freely moving mice $431,000
Professor Mats Olsson Packed to perform: the effects of telomere traits and free radicals on sperm phenotypes, fertilization success, and offspring viability $621,094
A/Prof Ann Packman Investigating Linguistic Factors Associated with Stuttering in Cantonese $140,000
A/Prof Susan Park Multilateral Development Bank Accountability: Who Benefits? $210,000
A/Prof Hans Pols Imagining Indonesian psychiatry: Past, present, and future $367,779
Professor Elspeth Probyn Sustainable Fish: a material analysis of cultures of consumption & production $277,000
A/Prof Gianluca Ranzi Stiffness degradation of concrete members induced by reinforcement corrosion $300,000
Professor Kim Rasmussen Built-up cold-formed steel structures $620,000
Professor Peter Reeves Importance of Wzx flippase specificity for O-antigen diversity $370,000
A/Prof Mary Roberts Artists as collectors of the Islamic Arts, 1850-1910 $238,000
Professor David Schlosberg The New Environmentalism of Everyday Life: Sustainability, Material Flows, and the Evolution of Environmental Movements $320,000
Professor Frank Seebacher How does the interaction between environmental drivers determine the impact of global change on animals? $437,000
A/Prof Luming Shen A multi-scale theory of unsaturated porous media under extreme loading $405,000
Professor Salah Sukkarieh Active Segmentation for Cooperative Mobile Robots in Outdoor Environments $320,000
Dr Stephan Tillmann Moduli spaces of geometric structures $270,000
Professor Liyong Tong Design of nastic cellular structures with osmotic actuation $450,000
Professor Peter Tuthill Star and solar system assembly with the VAMPIRES instrument $389,000
Professor Adrian Vickers Shaping Indonesian Contemporary Art: the role of institutions $305,000
Professor Ruibin Zhang Super Duality and Deformations in the Representation Theory of Lie Superalgebras $360,000