Successful ARC Future Fellowships 2011

Lead Chief Investigator Project Total Funding
Buhl, Dr Jerome From individuals to mass organisation: aggregation, synchronisation and collective movement in locusts $652,148
Canning, Prof John Optical fibre nanophotonics for sensing $929,044
Chaston, Dr Christopher C Wave energy transport, conversion and dissipation in near-Earth space $715,360
Clifford, Prof Colin W Parallel and generative binding in human visual cortex $931,168
Colyvan, Prof Mark Mathematical explanation $788,424
Crozier, Dr Ivan Culture-bound syndromes, koro, and the emergence of 'cosmopolitan' psychiatry $678,914
Heinrich, Dr Larissa N The new medical body in contemporary Chinese imaginaries $568,653
Henderson, Dr Anthony Springer fibres, nilpotent cones and representation theory $660,776
Liao, A/Prof Xiaozhou The effect of structure and size on the mechanical behaviour of III-V semiconductor nanowires $817,856
Lu, Dr Duanfang Mapping China's urban crisis: the politics of land and resettlement $682,836
McKenna, A/Prof Mark B Australia: the search for a foundational history $672,999
Pelusi, Dr Mark D Broadband compensation of nonlinear signal distortion in optical fibre communications $660,528
Rafferty, Dr Michael Risk shifting, retirement and low-paid work $568,846
Saul, A/Prof Ben The emerging international law of terrorism $692,476
Wallace, A/Prof Lee M Reconceiving the queer public sphere: an interdisciplinary analysis of same-sex couple domesticity $712,336
Williams, Dr Stefan B Delivering information suitable for studying spatial and temporal variability in benthic habitats using autonomous underwater vehicles $759,836
Young, A/Prof Paul M An attack from all angles! Multiphase particle systems that target respiratory infection $802,976