Successful ARC Future Fellowships 2012

Researcher Project title  Total Funding
Prof Peter R Anstey The nature and status of principles in early modern philosophy $799,683
A/Prof Kirrie J Ballard A new model of human speech production through computational modeling and human functional brain imaging $758,026
A/Prof Madeleine Beekman Social insects as model systems in complexity science $820,180
Prof Marcela M Bilek Harnessing the bioactivity of proteins and polypeptides: understanding and controlling adsorption processes to optimise linker free immobilisation $931,140
Dr Gregory P Brown Integrating ecoimmunology and population ecology to understand how tropical reptiles deal with novel challenges $702,528
A/Prof Min Chen Biosynthetic and evolutionary pathways of red-shifted chlorophylls $822,056
Dr Ute Eickelkamp Cultural resilience and changing selves in Central Australia $595,389
A/Prof Michele T Ford Trade unionism and trade union aid in Indonesia, Malaysia and Timor- Leste $686,151
Dr Jane B Ford Tracking blood and blood products for a healthy start to life $561,143
Dr Aristides Gionis Mining multi-typed and dynamic graphs $671,256
A/Prof Clare L Hawkins Cellular mechanisms linking smoking and cardiovascular disease $815,041
Prof Seokhee Hong Algorithmics for visual analytics of massive complex networks $787,968
A/Prof Qing Li Computational design for engineering micro/nanotopography $822,014
A/Prof Yonghui Li Compressed network sharing for large-scale distributed systems $708,456
Dr Baoping Li Chinese trade and diplomacy in South-East Asia from the 9th to 19th century common era $700,445
Dr Andrew Merchant Carbon flux and its regulation in metabolic networks $701,738
A/Prof Jennifer D Milam Visual cosmopolitanism, national identity and imperialist ambitions in garden spaces $716,570
Dr Budiman Minasny Dynamic soil landscape carbon modelling $686,356
Prof Sebastien Perrier Soft nanotubes for biomedical applications $931,168
Dr Daniela Traini Pandora's toolbox: The use of Fluorosomes to formulate nanoparticle gene therapy for respiratory diseases $678,728
Dr Martin Wechselberger Geometric methods in mathematical physiology $671,656
Dr Bruce D Yabsley Probing the structure of exotic mesons, at the Large Hadron Collider and beyond $714,507