Australian Laureate Fellowship

Australian Laureate Fellowship

Funding Body

Australian Research Council

Key Dates

Applications open: 29 September 2015
Request not to assess: 3 November 2015
Internal closing date: 3 November 2015
Applications due at ARC: 5:00PM (ADST) 17 November 2015


The Administering Organisation will appoint the Australian Laureate Fellow and provide a salary of a Level E professorial appointment (or equivalent), with the ARC providing the salary supplement.

In addition to the salary supplement and salary-related (on-cost) support, the ARC may provide:

  • additional funding for up to two postdoctoral research associates (for 5 years each);
  • up to two postgraduate researchers (for 4 years each); and
  • project funding of up to AUD$300,000 per annum, for up to 5 years). Requests for project funding may include additional PDRAs and PGRs.

Cross-scheme Eligibility

Within the Discovery Program a researcher can be funded for a maximum of: 

a) two Projects as a CI, or 
b) one ARC Fellowship or ARC Award, and one Project as a CI. 

A successful Australian Laureate Fellow will be allowed (and required) to relinquish existing projects in order to comply with this rule after the award of the Australian Laureate Fellowship.

Application Process

  1. Read the ARC Funding Rules and Instructions to Applicants
  2. Notify the Research Office scheme specific contact of your intent to apply.
  3. Create application in RMS and submit draft proposal to scheme specific contact by internal closing date
  4. Submit a Request not to Assess form (if applicable) by the due date
  5. Complete the ARC Certification Proforma
  6. Complete Research Proposal Clearance Form
  7. Submit complete final application by final application due date