Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilites (LIEF)

Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities (LIEF)

Funding Body

Australian Research Council

Key Dates

EEoI closing date: Friday 13 November 2015
EoI process opens: Friday 11 December 2015
EoI closing date: 29 January 2016
Applications open: Wednesday 17 February 2016
Internal closing date: Wednesday 23 March 2016
Request not to assess: Wednesday 23 March 2016
External closing date: 5pm Wednesday 6 April 2016

Sydney application process

  1.  Early Expression of Interest (EEoI)
    If you are thinking of applying in this round we request that you submit an Early Expression of Interest (EEoI) by Friday 13 November 2015.

    Please submit your EEoI to Rebecca Griffin at

    EEoIs will be evaluated by both the ADRs in the Faculty and the Research Portfolio to ensure there is no overlap amongst proposals or with existing equipment and the proposal is aligned with University and Faculty strategies.

    Feedback on EEoIs will be provided to researchers by Friday 11 December 2015.
  2. Expression of Interest (EoI)
    The deadline for Expressions of Interest (EoI) for LIEF 2017 will be Friday 29 January.

    Please submit your EoI to Rebecca Griffin at Late applications may not be able to be supported, so please ensure you submit an EoI by the deadline.

Summary of ARC changes to 2016 round

LIEF Proposals may now request up to five years funding if the Proposal is for:

  • construction of research infrastructure (E6.1.4  and E7.1.b)
  • subscription or coordinated access to international facilities, and major national facilities (E7.1.d)

On-costs amounts to be requested for salaries have been raised from 28% to 30% (E7.1.a and E7.1.b)

The eligibility criteria for participants have also been updated. A researcher nominated on a Proposal as a CI must meet at least one of the following criteria at the Commencement Date and for the duration of the Project:

  • be an employee for at least 0.2 FTE at an Eligible Organisation; or
  • be a holder of an Emeritus appointment at an Eligible Organisation

Scheme objectives

  • encourage Eligible Organisations to develop collaborative arrangements with other Eligible Organisations and/or Partner Organisations to develop and support research infrastructure;
  • support large-scale national or international cooperative initiatives allowing expensive research infrastructure to be shared and/or accessed;
  • support areas of existing and/or emerging research strength; and
  • support and develop research infrastructure for the broader research community.


Dependent on employment status of named investigator - refer to ARC Funding Rules or contact Research Grants and Contracts – and requisite Collaborating/Partner Organization contributions.


  • The minimum level of funding provided by the ARC is $150,000 per year.
  • The maximum level of funding provided by the ARC for a Project under LIEF is up to 75 per cent of the total direct cost of the eligible budget items.

Application Process

  1. Read How to apply for an ARC scheme and Prepare a proposal before you start
  2. Read the ARC Funding Rules and Instructions to Applicants
  3. Read the Sydney application process for LIEF (DOC)
  4. Submit an Early Expression of Interest (DOCX)
  5. Submit an Expression of interest form (DOCX)
  6. Invitations to shortlisted applicants for full application
  7. Create application in RMS and submit draft proposal to Research Grants and Contracts by internal closing date
  8. Complete Research Proposal Clearance Form and Certification Proforma (see Resources below)
  9. Submit complete final application by final application due date