Successful ARC LIEF Grants 2008

Full name USyd CI School/Department Project title Amount Awarded
Dr Xiaozhou Liao AMME TEM Pico-Indenter for Nano-Mechanical Testing $100,000
Prof Assaad Masri  AMME A Laser System for Time-Sequenced and Volume Imaging of Velocity and Species. $570,000
A/Prof Brett Hambly Med Sciences - Pathology Purchase of Dako ACIS III Automated Cellular Imaging System $150,000
Prof David Handelsman ANZAC Inst Concord Steroid Assay Core Facility $356,000
Prof Marcela Bilek Physics Comprehensive Analysis Facility for Thin Films and Surfaces $750,000
Dr Joel Mackay MMB High-field NMR spectrometer for structural biology $1,300,000
Prof Stephen Simpson Biological Sciences Video analysis suite for studying animal behaviour in natural environments $170,000
Dr Charles Warren Biological Sciences Isotope-ratio spectroscopy system for measuring stable isotopes of CO2 $110,000
Prof Peter Lay  Chemistry Vibrational Spectroscopic Mapping of Cells Tissues Materials Minerals Pharmaceutical Formulation $400,000
Dr Julie Cairney EMU High-Resolution Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM) Platform for Characterisation at Nanometre-Level $450,000