Successful ARC LIEF Grants 2010

CI Name Usyd CI School/Dept Project title/Equipment Awarded
Prof Joss Bland-Hawthorn Physics A new window on the early universe using revolutionary photonic technology  $500,000
Assoc Prof Filip Braet  Electron Microscope A 5-D Correlative Imaging Platform: Combining the Strengths of Light and Electron Microscopy $720,000
Dr Julie Cairney Electron Microscope Advanced Focused Ion Beam (FIB) / Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) for Nanometre Scale Characterisation and Fabrication  $1,200,000
Dr Katrina Jolliffe Chemistry  NMR Spectroscopy Facilities for the Sydney Region $600,000
Dr Brendan Kennedy Chemistry  Facilities for Spectroscopy and Diffraction at High Pressures  $180,000
Prof Cameron Kepert Chemistry  Federated Single Crystal X-ray Structural Analysis Facility  $700,000
Dr Luming Shen Civil Engineering Split Hopkinson bar facility for high strain rate testing of materials  $260,000
Prof Roland Stocker Pathology: School Medical Sciences Oxidative Stress Bioanalytical Facility $330,000
Prof Ronald Trent Medicine: Central CS Systems biology: New generation DNA sequencing to functional analysis  $850,000