Successful ARC LIEF Grants 2011

CI Name School/Dept Project title/Equipment Awarded
Associate Professor Linda Barwick
PARADISEC Equipment and facilities upgrade for Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures $238,000
Professor Benjamin Eggleton
Physics 100 Gbit to 1 Terabit per second optical commuincation test-bed facility $400,000
Professor Anne Green
Physics The NANTEN2 Observatory sub-millimetre wave telescope $10,000
Professor Peter Lay
Chemistry  Innovative Synchrotron Science - Access Program to the Australian National Beamline Facility and Cutting-Edge Beamlines at International Synchrotrons $800,000
Associate Professor Zongwen Liu Key Centre Research Portfolio Accessing the third-dimension in scanning electron microscopy for rapid, high-resolution tomography of large samples materials $250,000
Professor Assaad Masri
Aerospace Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering Multi-Dimensional, High-Speed Laser Imaging Facility for Fluids and Combustion $600,000
Associate Professor Jacqueline Matthews School of Molecular Bioscience Shared resource for protein discovery $200,000
Professor Leo Radom
Chemistry Large Shared Memory Computing for the Intersect Consortium of NSW