Successful ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Facilities grants 2014

Project: National Facility for Cryogenic Photonics

Lead Chief Investigator: Dr Alexander Clark

The miniaturisation and integration of modern technology prompts us to further our knowledge of the quantum world. This cryogenic facility will enable world-class research into new photonic materials, devices and processes near absolute zero, leading to new paradigms in quantum science research in Australia.

Partner(s): RMIT University, The University of Adelaide

Project: Universal Optical Transmitter for rapid prototyping and system emulation

Lead Chief Investigator: Dr Jochen Schröder

The proposed universal transmitter for optical communication signals will enable ultra-flexible Tbit/s signal generation for telecommunication networks of the future.

Partner(s): The Australian National University, Monash University, Finisar Corporation

Project: CyTOF platform for the Advanced Cytometry Facility: overcoming fluorescence spectral barriers to truly multiparametric cytometry by mass spectrometry

Lead Chief Investigator:Professor Nicholas King

This proposal is for a CyTOF, an instrument that can make 100 simultaneous quantitative measurements per cell in complex populations. Analysis and modelling of the data will enable us to map and understand in unprecedented detail, the development of cell lineages, the kinetics of their working processes and the complex relationships between these.

Partner(s): The University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology