Successful ARC Linkage Projects 2008

Name Faculty - School/Dept Title of project Industry Partner/s Fellowship APAIs awarded ARC 2008 ARC 2009 ARC 2010 ARC 2011 ARC 2012
Dr Anne Dunn Arts - Letters, Art and Media New media, new narratives: Beyond broadcasting Australian Broadcasting Corporation   $23,798 $28,607      
Dr Liam Semler Arts - Letters, Art and Media Shakespeare Reloaded: Innovative Approaches to Shakespeare and Literature Research In Australian Universities and Secondary Schools Barker College Kathryn Flaherty $94,592 $94,592 $94,592    
Dr Gaynor Macdonald Arts - Philisophical and Historical Inquiry Restoring the Past to Build the Future: Indigenous Culture, Heritage and Economy in Rural NSW Parkes Shire Council,
Bogan River Wiradjuri Aboriginal Corporation
  2 $55,234 $51,254 $64,009    
Associate Professor Catherine Waldby Arts - Philisophical and Historical Inquiry Human Oocytes for Stem Cell Research: donation and regulation in Australia Westmead Fertility Services 1 $76,000 $80,000 $59,000    
Professor Alex Frino Economics & Business Understanding market mechanisms to achieve greater efficiency in the Australian residential real-estate market Rismark International   1 $81,184 $71,518 $76,371    
Professor David Grant Economics & Business Human resource information systems and the strategic significance of the human resource function Australian Senior Human Resource Roundtable,
Getronics Australia Pty Ltd,
CSR Ltd,
Baulderstone Hornibrook Pty Ltd,
Australian Customs Service
    $50,000 $50,000 $50,000    
Associate Professor Judith Irwin Education & Social Work Working from the Ground Up: A Participatory Approach to Community Regeneration in Public Housing Neighbourhoods Department of Housing,
TAFE Equity (DET),
Health Ptomotion service (Division of Population Health South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health)
  2 $111,000 $104,000 $122,000 $165,000 $163,000
Professor Liangchi Zhang Engineering - Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Mechanisms of mixed lubrication in rolling BlueScope Steel Ltd   1 $112,224 $118,353 $125,457    
Professor Liangchi Zhang Engineering - Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Non-destructive characterisation of residual stresses for the silicon-on-sapphire technology Pergrine Semiconductor Australia Pty Ltd $91,752 $98,476 $99,848    
Associate Professor Timothy Langrish Engineering - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Enhancing the Production of Functional Food Powders by Studying Reaction Processes in Spray Dryers Lang Technologies Pty Ltd   1 $31,627 $31,627 $38,627    
Associate Professor Timothy Langrish Engineering - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Exploiting Resonance in Improving Dried Timber Quality by Optimizing Cyclic Drying Processes in Solar Kilns Australian Choice Timber Supplies Pty Ltd   1 $35,627 $32,627 $26,627    
Dr Chris Lennings Health Sciences - Behavioural and Community Health
Youth off the streets (YOTS): Rehabilitating at-risk youth and young offenders through responsive service learning programs Youth Off The Streets     $60,000 $65,000 $65,000    
Professor Hal Kendig Health Sciences Ageing Baby Boomers in Australia (ABBA): Informing actions for better retirement National seniors,
  2 $162,194 $136,734 $176,734    
Dr Richard Appleyard Medicine - Northern Clinical School Computer simulation techniques to reduce the incidence of femoral fracture after hip replacement surgery Stryker Pty Ltd   1 $88,987 $47,900 $42,160    
Professor Ian Hickie Medicine Understanding and preventing mental health difficulties in young Australian men using the Internet Inspire Foundation Louise Ellis 1 $114,140 $116,620 $127,100    
Dr Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich Pharmacy Improving asthma device use: Innovative models for inter-professional practice National Prescribing Service 1 $63,000 $165,000 $195,000    
Professor Marcela Bilek Science -Physics Plasma processes for optimising the performance of surfaces for biomedical applications IFC Medical,
Cochlear Ltd
    $250,000 $275,000 $270,000    
Associate Professor Peter Windsor Veterinary Science Topical and cryoanaethesia for livestock husbandry Animal Ethics Pty Ltd,
  1 $160,000 $160,000 $160,000